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Provide a more personalized fan experience while increasing efficiency and impact across box office, marketing and fundraising efforts.

Your fans are mobile, you should be too

Give fans the convenience and capabilities they demand. Whether renewing season tickets, scanning an eTicket or engaging socially, fans look to mobile first to connect with you and your events.

Create your own branded fan experience

Enhance team or game-day apps with Ticketmaster’s Software Development Kit (SDK) or our mobile partner APIs. Our open platform gives you total flexibility to customize to your individual needs.

Our friends are your friends.
Meet our top tech partners.

Give season ticket holders more control

Mobile tickets are now the norm, not the exception. AccountManager’s advanced digital ticketing satisfies the evolving needs of season ticket holders to transfer, resell or upgrade tickets within a branded mobile experience—plus captures more data and gives your box office a major break.

Increase mobile sales and season ticket renewals

Mobilize your box office mobile, too. Offer season plans at alumni events or entice ticket buyers as they lounge in the student union building. With our growing mobile tablet apps, your box office is open anywhere you take an iPad.

Exceed fundraising expectations

Raising money is hard enough. We’ll make it easier for you and your fans with streamlined operations and a more comprehensive view of your donors.

Improve development operations

Effortless operations provide a better experience—and result in greater loyalty and renewals. Offer self-service donor management, easily accept payments, track donations, and automate related correspondence.

Increase development prospects

Look beyond alumni for individual donations. Tap into Ticketmaster’s massive database or a NEXUS Certified Partners’ third-party data warehouse to identify high-propensity supporters and raise even more dollars.

Integrate third-party fundraising or CRM partners

Feed fan, alumni and donor data from your existing CRM tool directly into your ticketing system. Automate and deliver personalized campaign content with ease using premium email capabilities or our powerful email solution, tmMessenger.

Boost attendance (and school spirit) with better student ticketing

Ditch paper tickets in lieu of a more cost-effective and student-friendly approach. Ticketmaster’s student ticketing programs alleviate the box office burden of managing access—and inspire more fans to take advantage of event benefits.

Enjoy easy operations

Simply send us your data and we’ll handle the rest. We create individual online portals where students can easily track event interest and manage their tickets.

Choose your delivery method

Whether it’s a swipe of a student ID card or scan of a mobile eTicket, we can do it. Our systems provide for seamless interaction between students’ selected events and venue entry systems.

Capture more data

Track usage data to develop loyalty programs, interact directly with fans or offer special promotions. Use longer-term data to identify high-prospect season ticket holders once students graduate.

Optimize your ticket pricing strategy

Pack the stands with more fans while generating even more revenue. From single to season tickets, you have total flexibility to optimize price and fees across every scenario.

Scale your venues and price faster

Scale your venue in record time with EventBase Scaling’s simple click-and-drag interactive map features. Get fast sign-off, then easily publish or change prices in EventBase Inventory.

Stimulate more sales with flex seat plans and premium tickets

Drive more interest in season tickets by offering flexible seat plans that fit a wide variety of budgets. Or boost revenue while enhancing the game-day experience with Platinum and VIP ticket programs.

Adjust quickly to market demand

Increase the gross potential of high-demand events or stimulate sales for low performers with Pricemaster, the industry’s most robust and intuitive dynamic pricing tool.

Sell more tickets on any budget

Tap the industry’s most massive database while leveraging Ticketmaster’s leading sales and marketing capabilities. Your winning game plan will result in higher returns with lower cost and less effort.

Enjoy complementary marketing support

To us, promoting your events is a given. Our dedicated team of specialists ensure you take full advantage of Event or Ticket Alerts, Ticket Deals opportunities and your Ticketmaster team and events pages.

Get the expert agency advantage

Step up your game and maximize ROI with the unrivaled expertise of Blue, Ticketmaster’s digital marketing agency. Run integrated, data-driven media campaigns with managed search, retargeting and more to boost your brand presence and drive primary ticket sales.

Data, scale, expertise and integrated media.
Go Blue.

Connect with fans in more places

Drive discovery and sales where fans hang out or shop. Sell tickets directly with our growing affiliates like Facebook, or each niche audiences with specialized partners like ScoreBig and Groupon to push premium or distressed inventory.

Manage campaigns in real time

Create tracking codes and place your own pixels in FanBuilder for quick, actionable feedback of marketing and sales activity. Use input to tweak campaigns faster and build powerful, segmented fan lists across numerous attributes in seconds.

Take point-of-sale anywhere

Sell more offline, too. Offer season plans at alumni events or entice ticket buyers as they lounge in the student union building. With our growing mobile tablet apps, your box office is open anywhere you take an iPad.

Smart actions from smarter insights

Get smarter, actionable insights throughout every season and event lifecycle. Gain rich context and vital benchmarks to inform business decisions at every step and every level.

Measure event health anytime and anywhere

Track real-time performance of every event with Analytics—and its mobile counterpart, Ticker. Adjust pricing or campaigns as needed and apply your knowledge to future events.

Identify and target more fans, donors and new plan holders

Leverage our robust digital ecosystem to capture more fan data across every touchpoint, from ticket transfers and resale to mobile entry. Create more targeted campaigns with FanMatch to smartly spend your marketing dollars.

Apply today’s insights for tomorrow’s wins

Our LiveAnalytics team puts data science behind your efforts, giving you the most powerful formula for ongoing donations, season renewals and ticketing success for every event.

How do data services pump up your marketing power?

The ticketing revolution has begun.

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Our relationship with Ticketmaster extends well beyond the standard third-party vendor relationship. Their support team feels like an extension of our staff; they have helped us strategically maximize revenue opportunities through their marketing offerings and campaign expertise.

- Jeremy Foley, Director of Athletics, University of Florida

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