Experience the Future of Ticketing at the 2019 Ticketmaster Arts Summit

The future of ticketing for the arts is here. Ticketmaster continues to elevate live entertainment across ticketing, marketing, analytics, CRM, and development, which is why we are so excited to preview our latest innovations at the Ticketmaster Arts Summit. Join us September 23-25 in the sunny Coachella Valley of Southern California to discuss all the latest in ticketing for the performing arts.

At the Arts Summit, you’ll be able to get an inside look at the following products and technologies::

Account Manager
Give your subscribers the ultimate patron engagement experience. Hear how Account Manager leverages data in order to create dynamic, personalized experiences for your season ticket subscribers that drive additional revenue for your organization.

Account Manager’s Virtual Venue
Experience the latest mobile responsive, fully immersive, state-of-the-art 3D technology that provides your patrons with a 360-degree view of their seats. Learn how your patrons can purchase or upgrade their season seats directly from the interface and see the latest enhancements.

Presence is the next generation in digital ticketing. Learn how Presence can help you identify more patrons, personalize their experiences and fight ticket fraud. Hear a guided demo presentation and see the plans for the future of Presence.

TM1 Sales
Learn how to turn your box office into a mobile prospect-acquisition engine. Discover how box office agents easily sell tickets, manage support, issue refunds and simplify will-call with the TM1 Sales app. 

TM1 Marketing
Access the world’s largest live event database with TM1 Marketing. Learn how to generate affinity-based segmentation and export highly targeted lists. Master best practices for campaign optimization and intelligent tracking tools that convert more patrons into customers.

TM1 Reports
Empower your organization with real-time data and learn how TM1 Reports can impact your box office. See the latest product releases and understand how they integrate with other TM1 Platform tools. Help shape the future of TM1 Reports by voting on desired improvements. 

TM1 Engagement
Discover the latest features of TM1 Engagement and learn how to create customized emails based on customer actions, preferences and levels of engagement. See how TM1 Engagement monitors your ROI to help you attribute sales and conversions to your email communications.

Learn how to optimally price and distribute your inventory to reach and convert more patrons using Pricemaster. Check out this dynamic pricing tool that showcases daily forecasts, one-click pricing chances, incremental revenue tracking and robust reporting.

LiveAnalytics puts data science behind your marketing efforts. See how to maximize customer value by profiling your patrons, scoring potential patrons and using statistical modeling to help guide your messaging, advertising and acquisition efforts.

“Fully digital ticketing is an inevitability and Ticketmaster has been preparing for this inevitability for a long time,” said Mitchell Klein, Director of Sales for Broadway Across America. “They continue to look ahead to where digital ticketing is likely to go. When our organization is ready to take the plunge, I am confident that Ticketmaster will have all of the products and support we’ll need to succeed.”

Join Ticketmaster at the Arts Summit, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore comprehensive solutions that allow you to cultivate new patrons and build deeper relationships to help maximize revenue.

Event Details
Ticketmaster Arts Summit 2019
Monday, September 23 – Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa


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The 2019 Ticketmaster Arts Summit is invite-only. Please reach out to your Ticketmaster representative for more information.