Hero Nation Spotlight: Live Nation Vice President, Human Resources Shawn Imitates Dog

At Ticketmaster and Live Nation, we are committed to creating a diverse workplace that allows employees to be proud of who they are and the work that they do. Nobody knows that better than Live Nation VP of Human Resources, Shawn Imitates Dog. As the executive sponsor of our Veterans employee resource group Hero Nation, he has played a role in advocating for our veteran and active military employees at every level of their careers. By promoting a positive and supportive environment, while building community and offering education, networking and career development, the group unlocks opportunities to empower veterans to bring their authentic selves to work.

We spoke to him to get his firsthand experience:

Q: What were some of the factors that influenced your decision to join Live Nation?
I had worked for House of Blues from 1997-2007 and absolutely love live music.  So after a few years break, I came back to Live Nation to be in the business I love so much. The culture and people here are what brought me back.  When you work for the #1 entertainment company in the world AND enjoy the culture, there really is no other place.

Q: How big of a role does a company’s commitment to celebrate and support our veterans and their families play in your career decision making?
Anytime that I’ve interviewed at a company, I always ask about their diversity initiatives. I need to make sure the organization I am a part of values and promotes diversity, which includes Veteran hiring.  My values have to align with those of the company I am going to work with.

Q: How does your role contribute to Live Nation’s mission and vision?
My role in HR is to help us as an organization live up to our mission, vision and values.  Starting through the Recruiting process, onboarding and throughout their time with Live Nation, HR’s role is to create an environment for our employees to be innovative and entrepreneurial to unleash their best.

Q: What excites you most about the work culture at Live Nation?
The culture is like no other – we give our employees the resources and tools to be their best. From allowing our employees to start new initiatives, to our dog-friendly workspace, to our lounges that allow for us to work in spaces that unleashes our creative side.

Q: What impact has Hero Nation had on our work culture?
Hero Nation has given our Veterans a space to be recognized and celebrated more than once a year. As a company, we are able to celebrate all year long with different events. Since we started Hero Nation in 2018, we’ve had more Veterans self-identify with us.  In addition, in 2017, Clubs & Theatres started a Veteran Apprentice Program that has brought in over 12 Veterans to get hands-on experience in the industry to help create a career path for them.

Q: What inspired you to be an executive sponsor for Hero Nation?
I have always wanted to work with our Veterans to find careers and not just jobs.  Being in HR, I can help our Veterans identify what their passions are and make the right connections to help them establish their careers. I took the role as an executive sponsor to make sure that as an organization we keep building on what we have going with Hero Nation.

Q: What advice do you have for a veteran looking to have a successful post-military career at  Live Nation?
Network. Go to as many events as you can and network. In addition, be proud you are a Veteran and share it. I have found that some Veterans don’t identify on their resume that they are Veterans because they’re afraid that people may judge them and not consider them for certain roles.  I say own it – you should only work for a company that respects and embraces Veterans in the workplace.

Q: How have you grown your career at Live Nation?
I started my HR career with House of Blues in 1997 and worked my way up to Director when I left 10 years later.  Then I went to work for a couple of other organizations and eventually made my way back to Live Nation six years ago. I love live music and working for a company that is built to entertain people.

Q: Which live event are you most excited to see this year?
Lady Gaga


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