Highlights From the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship

Ticketmaster is dedicated to providing the best live experience for our fans and to empower our artists, teams, and venue clients with the tools, tech, and insights to improve their operations.

Ticketmaster kicked off the year with 74,814 college football fans at the CFP National Championship Game on January 7th at Levi’s Stadium, where the Clemson Tigers emerged triumphant against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

As the official fan-to-fan ticketing partner of the College Football Playoff National Championship, Ticketmaster collaborated with the College Football Playoff team to ensure a smooth experience for fans – from ticket purchase to event entry via mobile.

For the second year in a row, the College Football Playoff Team worked with Ticketmaster to create a safe marketplace for fans to buy, sell, and transfer tickets through digital ticketing and their app. This enabled schools to sell on their own system, which in turn empowered fans to manage their tickets through the CFP app.

With another successful CFP Playoff National Championship Game in the books, here’s a look at some highlights from this year’s CFP National Championship.

Ticketmaster’s Tim Martin Leads Fireside Chat Keynote for Inaugural CFP Tech Conference.

Leading up to game day, Ticketmaster joined CFP’s first Tech Summit at San Jose State University on January 5th. Ticketmaster’s Tim Martin, SVP & GM, College Athletics, spoke to a crowd of sports and tech industry leaders in a fireside chat about the future of sports ticketing.

According to Martin, the shift to mobile has happened dramatically. “Sixty percent of our transactions are happening on mobile devices. We’ve seen 34 percent year-over-year growth on mobile transactions and we have 35 million downloads of the Ticketmaster app.”

Speaking specifically to the college segment, Martin commented, “[Students will] forget their student ID, but they’ll never forget their phone.”

Watch the full Future of Sports Ticketing chat here.

Fans Enjoy a Seamless Entry Experience as They Entered Levi’s Stadium.

A key benefit of digital ticketing is to reduce entry time for fans. Ticketmaster understands that when kick-off time is approaching, no one wants to be stuck in line.

As a consultative partner, Ticketmaster provided CFP with materials they could leverage to educate their fans on how – and why – they should utilize digital tickets.

As a result, on the day of the championship game, 85 percent of fans entered Levi’s Stadium using mobile ticketing from CFP’s native app using Ticketmaster’s SDK or mobile web via New Account Manager. That’s a 10+ percent increase from the prior year.

Fraud is Nonexistent at the CFP National Championship Game.

The ticketing industry as a whole has long been plagued by the issue of anonymity and fraud due to heavy reliance on paper tickets.

For venues, the anonymity of paper tickets make it hard to understand their fan base. Paper tickets create an even bigger issue for fans: The possibility they won’t get into the event they so longed to see.

Creating a better future for ticketing is a core value of Ticketmaster and we’ve been working hard across the organization to ensure fans are protected when they buy tickets online.

Using digital ticketing, CFP was able to drastically improve the experience for college football fans with a reported zero cases of ticketing fraud for the big game.