New Approaches for a New World

The shift to digital is transforming how arts and cultural organizations elevate the patron experience. In her Executive Keynote at the 2019 Ticketmaster Arts Summit, Ticketmaster North America President Amy Howe addressed the three key challenges facing the performing arts industry today:

1. Patrons Are Harder to Reach and Even Harder to Convert

The average consumer is bombarded with 4-10K advertisements a day. Additionally, the average daily time spent consuming content on a mobile device has increased dramatically over the past decade. 2018 was an inflection point: the average time spent on mobile devices surpassed traditional television – a trend not lost on the Ticketmaster team.

The message is clear: knowing your patrons and delivering personalized, relevant messages is the only way to break through the noise.

Ticketmaster’s focus on patron identity through it’s Presence platform and our ability to reach patrons with messages that resonate provides clients with the ability to increase patron subscriptions, personalize engagement, discover and identify new donor opportunities as well as increase donor spending.

2. Patrons Value Flexibility and Are Making Fewer Commitments

With 72% confident they will utilize the shared economy in the next 2 years, patrons have come to expect more flexible pricing, packaging and payment options.

Ticketmaster is focused on helping clients find the right match of both price and channel to engage and convert these flexibility-seeking subscribers. We continue to partner with best-in-class affiliates and group sales platforms where your patrons regularly consume content, including Facebook, YouTube,, TheaterMania, Fevo, Groupmatics and more. We’re extending your reach beyond the traditional marketplace onto new surfaces like Amazon Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby, Delta’s SkyMiles Member Program and Google Home. We’re also helping clients move distressed inventory through committed value-driven partners like Groupon, Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG), and Goldstar.

3. Patron Purchases Are Increasingly Impulsive and Last-Minute Decisions

One factor of the mobile-first purchasing landscape is the rise of the last minute impulse buy. To make these purchases as seamless as possible, Ticketmaster has focused on innovating it’s mobile app experience. In fact 83% of millennials admitting to at least 1 impulse purchase in the last 12 month.

In the past 3 years, Ticketmaster has:

  • Launched simplified, visually-engaging event detail pages that cut through the noise your patrons previously experienced prior to purchase
  • Improved browsing options available to patrons, including calendar views for multi-day, multi-time events that accelerate event discovery and conversions
  • Integrated 1-Tap buying with Apple Pay in the Purchase experience to increase the likelihood of impulse conversions
  • Provided data-driven, guideful transfer and sell flows to ensure that your tickets stay in the hands of real fans-regardless of if they are the original buyer or a secondary market purchaser
  • Partnered with installment payment market leaders like Klarna to provide patrons more flexibility on how they purchase tickets to your events

While the world continues to change, Ticketmaster is committed to helping the performing arts industry lean into the industry trends through deeper data and insights, intuitive instrumentation and a transparent feedback loop.  By using new approaches to drive decision-making and business development, we can collectively reach new heights to drive our industry forward.