Our Top Five Takeaways from INTIX

At this year’s INTIX, we showcased the latest innovations helping organizations like yours modernize the box office while building more personalized relationships with your fans. From our interactive Future of Ticketing party to hands-on product demos led by Ticketmaster experts on the expo floor, we hope clients and attendees walked away inspired, excited and ready to shape the future of ticketing, together. While there were countless moments of incredible ideation, here’s our top five takeaways:

Women are Pushing the Entertainment Industry Forward

INTIX’s Industry Leadership in the Entertainment Industry townhall featured some of the fiercest female voices that are transforming the live entertainment industry, including Ticketmaster’s EVP of Arts & Theater, Marla Ostroff. Along with her fellow panelists, Ostroff shared tell-it-like-it-is insights on the opportunities, risks and wins that come with being a key industry leader, as well as her thoughts on the future of women in live entertainment, during a no-holds-bar session.

The Power of Fan Identity is Real

Whether they’re looking for an opportunity to escape the everyday, bond through incredible shared experiences or make unforgettable memories with their show buddies, fans rely on live entertainment as the antidote to routine, digital life. To exceed those fan expectations, Ticketmaster is putting the fan at the center of everything we do.

With a suite of intuitive solutions that gauge fan interest in your event, protect and streamline their buying experience once on sale and unlock personalized moments of delight through deeper insights, leveraging Ticketmaster solutions to elevate the fan experience has never been easier.

Going Digital Increases Sales and Your Season Ticket Base

One of the key components of meeting digital natives where they are includes moving from traditional paper tickets to digital ticketing. Whether you want to identify and better engage with your fans, fight fraud or streamline fan entry, the benefits of digital ticketing are endless. Thanks to Ticketmaster’s Presence platform, our next generation venue access control and fan engagement platform, the Jacksonville Jaguars sold ~2K new season tickets and drove almost 3M in incremental revenue by unlocking new opportunities to connect to each and every fan in meaningful ways.

While we all recognize that increased insight into your fan’s preferences can unlock essential connection points, it can be difficult to know how to activate that data. That’s why we’ve created marketing tools unique to live entertainment that empower marketers with the ability to not only access and structure their data, but to drive beautiful, targeted sponsorship, upsell or upgrade campaigns. In fact, thanks to their adoption of Account Manager, Bradley University saw a ~230% increase in online season ticket holder renewals as well as a ~75% increase in new names to file.

Ready to take your ticketing digital? Here’s how to prepare.

Modernizing Your Box Office Operations is Critical to Happy Fans (and Staff)

The shift to mobile has created an entirely new paradigm for your fans and box office employees. Fans now expect “always on”, personalized experiences and they want to be able to purchase tickets anytime, anywhere. The next generation of employees has many of those same expectations. Accustomed to using tools like Salesforce CRM and Google Docs, younger employees are adept at — and want to use — the latest technology.

In the live entertainment industry, time-consuming processes and outdated tech have historically prevented box offices from taking the steps needed to meet these new expectations.  However, Ticketmaster is reducing staff pain and increasing fan delight through easy-to-use event creation and management tools that help box offices understand and activate on the moments and channels your fans value most.

The Future of Ticketing is Here

Clients also had the opportunity to sip, snack and socialize with industry peers at our Future of Ticketing Party in Manhattan. Infused with innovation, ideation and interaction, attendees immersed themselves in the future of ticketing. Powered by incredible activations, partygoers had the chance to experience Ticketmaster SafeTix™ and our award-winning Presence platform, from the perspective of a fan as well as the box office staff. Attendees also test drove in-venue seat upgrades through visionary virtual reality tech and flexed their creative muscles at our interactive box office station.

The insights captured that night were incredible and we can’t wait to shape the future of ticketing together for years to come. We’ll be continuing the conversation at the 2020 Ticketmaster Summit on June 15-17th in sunny Los Angeles, so don’t forget to register!


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