Powering Live and Influencing the Landscape: On the Ground with Ticketmaster Engineers

Ticketmaster exists at the intersection of live entertainment and cutting-edge technology, developing groundbreaking products and solutions that provide fans with fair and easy access to unforgettable experiences.  Throughout the year, our team of world-class thoughtful innovators are sharing their passion and expertise globally with other engineers. Today, we highlight a few of their inspirational talks:

 ICYMI: “Variety: The Secret of Scale”


How can companies avoid the uninspired duplication and frustrations associated with Big Enterprise? What if many negative consequences of scale could be resolved by accounting for variety? At QCon 2019 in London, Ticketmaster Senior Engineering Manager Cat Swetel shares how variety is the secret of scale. When companies grow, they can support the testing of many ideas, unlocking successful scaling while diluting risk among different teams.

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Leveraging Services in Stream Processor Apps at Ticketmaster

Is your organization adopting Kafka as its messaging bus, but feeling discouraged by the amount of time it takes to migrate an existing service-oriented architecture to a log-oriented architecture? It has become increasingly common for companies with high-throughput source streams and change-data-capture logs to want to build systems fast. At Kafka Summit 2019 in San Francisco, Software Engineering Manager Derek Cline dissects Ticketmaster’s solutions to the problem and examines the initial challenges we faced in our transition.

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No Fluff, Only Code: Ticketmaster Engineers at Desert Code Camp

On October 12th, Desert Code Camp will take place in the sunny Sonoran desert of Chandler, Arizona. Desert Code Camp is a technology conference exclusively by and for the developer community, with attendees and speakers coming together to explore community ownership. True to Ticketmaster’s roots in community and open collaboration, senior members of the Engineering and Technology team will be sharing key insights and best practices from the Ticketmaster trenches:

Adding Avro to Your Kafka Streams to Meet Your Messaging Needs

Now that you have Kafka up and running, how are you going to use it? Enter Avro. Using Avro schemas allows you to define and share your message schema with all the information necessary to validate your message – without the bloat. Join Erik Tank, Senior Software Engineer, as he explores what Avro is, what it isn’t, and if it’s worth your time.

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Let Us Learn to Say “NO”

Picture this: You have a packed work schedule, juggling tedious tasks for a project you’re not even remotely invested in, and you’re stressed and miserable by the end of the day. Sound familiar? Become familiar with the word “NO.” It’s a simple two-letter word; however, as grownups and professionals, most of us struggle to use this word efficiently. Let Pooja Rallabhandi, Senior Software Engineer, teach you how to leverage the word “NO” as a time management tool and a key to happiness and success.

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