Why Losing Seat Locator Slips Is No Loss at All

With so much on your plate, we know that keeping your finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving ticketing industry can be tough. To save you time, we’re introducing Ticket Talks, a series that delivers success stories, best practices, and a variety of insights from the front line – your peers!

In this interview, we discuss the waning need for seat locator slips with Paul Moletteire, Vice President of Ticket Operations at Orlando Magic.


What Are Seat Locator Slips and How Do They Benefit the Fan and Operations?

Moletteire: Seat locator slips are a printed “receipt” of a seat location upon scanned entry into a venue with a PID or QR code.


Were Fans Dependent on Seat Locator Slips?

Moletteire: We thought fans were dependent on them, but as it turned out, they were not. When using single PID cards for accounts, a locator is necessary. Once we eliminated PIDs for our season ticket holders, we no longer needed locators. However, we do have a handful of concert promoters that still do PID ticketing. In these instances, Ticketmaster allows us to borrow locator printers.


In Transitioning to Digital, Were You Initially Concerned That You Would Not Have Seat Locator Slips Anymore? If So, What Were the Reasons for Concern?

Moletteire: Yes. Primarily, we were concerned with parent/child tickets where the child might get separated from the parent and not have a locator slip in hand. We’re three years into not using locator slips and this has not been an issue at all.


Now That You’ve Been Using Digital Ticketing, Is the Absence of Seat Locator Slips Causing Problems?

Moletteire: No problems at all.


What Benefits of Going Digital Outweigh the Benefits of Seat Locator Slips, If Any?

Moletteire: Venue ingress is expedited significantly for fans and venue operations when we do not have to wait for the locators to print and be distributed at gates. Also, once locators are eliminated from the venue operations, the expense of creating seat locator slips and repair of printers goes away.


If You Were to Talk to a Ticketmaster Client Concerned About the Removal of Seat Locator Slips, What Would You Say to Them?

Moletteire: Most everyone has a phone in hand. Go ahead and rip the band-aid off. Provide good training to your event staff to manage events without locators.


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