Ticketmaster Intern Spotlight: Engineering Interns Omar Divleli and Sean Carnahan

At Ticketmaster, we’re committed to elevating the fan experience by discovering innovative solutions on a global scale. That’s why we’re invested in the personal and professional development of emerging talent through our national internship program. By recruiting, supporting and promoting our incredible interns, we have created an environment here at Ticketmaster that provides them with the unique, real-world experiences that drive them to succeed.

In building a place for our interns to grow and nurture their passions, interns often return to Ticketmaster. Two such interns are University of California, Davis student, Sean Carnahan in Hollywood and George Mason University student, Omar Divleli in Chantilly, Virginia. We spoke to them about their experiences as third-year interns on the Engineering team:


Omar Divleli and Sean Carnahan, Engineering Interns at Ticketmaster

What were some of the factors that influenced your decision to join Ticketmaster as an intern?

Omar: I was initially referred to Ticketmaster by a friend who had already interned for several years. Through my friend I had heard a lot about the work culture as well as the career opportunities that Ticketmaster had to offer. I liked what I saw and joined the team.

Sean: Being able to work with some of the best engineers in the industry has allowed me to grow immensely in my field of study.


Any cool projects you’re currently working on that you can share?

Omar: Last summer, we designed and developed a custom distributed automation pipeline to test legacy UI software and were able to decrease execution time by 50 percent. This year, we are expanding the functionality of the tool to include not only automation testing for that one Legacy software, but to potentially run any type of job through this distributed pipeline. The coolest part about this project is that the tool we developed is used several times a week by full-time engineers.

Sean: I worked my first 2 summers on the front-end of the Events Discovery Page (EDP) and am now currently working on backend for Checkout 2.0, which has been super exciting due to the amount of innovation this team is bringing to the table.


What excites you most about interning at Ticketmaster? About our work culture?

Omar: The thing that excites me the most about interning at Ticketmaster is that I’m put on important projects where I can see the end results of the work that I’ve done. I’m not given busy work but rather valuable tasks where I get to learn a lot and contribute to something meaningful. The work culture at Ticketmaster is another reason I love working here. The office is like one big family and everyone is there for each other, ready to help.

Sean: Ticketmaster has allowed me to work and learn in an environment that just can’t be taught in colleges.


How big of a role does a company’s commitment to developing and growing emerging talent play in your career decision making?

Omar: It plays a big role in my career decision making. If I know a company is committed to helping their employees develop new skills, whether that be going for a Masters or even a 2 day workshop, I would be way more inclined to work there knowing my employer does care and is willing to help me improve my skills.

Sean: I think Ticketmaster does a great job of this by giving responsibility and accountability to its interns. The culture at Ticketmaster drives its interns to become part of the team.


What advice do you have for anyone who wants to join Ticketmaster as an intern?

Omar: My only advice for any future interns is that you get what you put into it. If you expect to have your hand held every step of the way this probably isn’t the best place for you. You need to take the initiative and challenge yourself. If you are given a task, be creative with it.

Sean: My advice for anyone joining Ticketmaster is to not be afraid to ask questions because people here tend to be pretty friendly. People here are working on a product that they believe in.


What steps did you take to create these opportunities for yourself at Ticketmaster? How did networking and staying connected help you?

Omar: After my first summer at Ticketmaster, my managers liked the work I did. I stayed in touch with them throughout the year and they invited me to return for a second summer.

Sean: The annual Intern Hackathon has always had a huge impact on my time at Ticketmaster by giving me the opportunity to work on something really big and allowing me to try to see a product all the way through. By keeping in touch with my team and other people I have met at Ticketmaster, I have been fortunate to work here for the past 3 summers. Each year, I come back with more to contribute and more excitement.


Which live event are you most excited to attend next?

Omar: I am trying to get tickets to see Post Malone at Capital One Arena next.

Sean: The live event I am most excited for is Outsidelands.


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