Ticketmaster Intern Spotlight: Product Design Intern Andrea Nguyen

In our commitment to recruiting and supporting emerging talent, our national internship programs provide our interns with personal and professional opportunities to grow and succeed. Our interns have access to executive-led learning sessions, ongoing coaching, leadership development, innovation sessions and more to cultivate their skills – but it’s not all work and no play. We also offer our interns networking opportunities such as the Ice Cream Social and bowling.

We spoke to UCLA student, Andrea Nguyen, to get her first-hand account of her Ticketmaster Product Design internship in Hollywood this summer:

What influenced your decision to join Ticketmaster as an intern? 
I think the biggest thing that made me want to join Ticketmaster was the fact that I’d have the opportunity to work with and learn from a big team of designers who had more experience and knowledge than me. I wanted to understand the fundamentals of design, how to work within a design system that included many different products and how to work with different departments.

Any cool projects you’re currently working on that you can share?
The most interesting product I’ve got to work on was the Smart Queue. My hiring manager owns the product (in terms of design) so I get to see the details of how it works, why it’s important and where it could be improved. I’ve taken on a project to create a feature that aims to make the Smart Queue experience a more pleasant for users.

What excites you most about interning at Ticketmaster? About our work culture?
The most exciting part about interning for Ticketmaster so far is being able to see how much I’ve learned and grown over such a short period of time thanks to the amazing and intelligent people I’ve worked with, the projects I’ve been given and the opportunities I’ve had to showcase my work and progress. I love the work culture here — I feel welcomed to ask questions, be creative and innovative, and make mistakes. It’s all about learning as much as I can.

How big of a role does a company’s commitment to developing and growing emerging talent play in your career decision making?
I think Ticketmaster has done a great job with their intern program. I truly feel like my mentor and the other people I’ve gotten a chance to interact with care about my career path and helping me reach my full potential. That is so important to me in deciding on where I want to work and what my next steps are. I want to be around people who are supportive of each other.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to join Ticketmaster as an intern?
My advice to anyone who wants to join Ticketmaster as an intern is to apply yourself, anywhere and everywhere. Take on as many projects as you can. And if you’re low on work, take the initiative to create your own projects and improve things you think can be made better. If there are any learning events that could help your career, go to them. The internship will be what you make of it. If you are willing to put the work in, learn, and be open-minded, you’ll get a lot out of your time here.

What steps did you take to create these opportunities for yourself at Ticketmaster? How did networking and staying connected help you?
I think networking has been the most important lesson I’ve learned throughout my entire career, not just at Ticketmaster. It is so important to meet and know people — not just to get the job, but to learn from others. Learn about what other people do, how they got there, and what you can help them with. I met a Ticketmaster designer at a design event (Designathon) at UCLA in April. At that time, I had JUST started designing — didn’t really have too many projects or a portfolio yet. So when I walked up to the designer, I was only looking for advice and guidance, no an internship. He could see that I was really passionate about design. From there, I emailed him asking if he could help me with my portfolio. I took his feedback seriously, made changes accordingly, and showed him my progress. He wasn’t so much impressed with my design skills as my initiative to ask him for help and my quick follow through on his feedback. I also applied through the website. Later in June, I got an email asking if I was still interested in an internship. Not only did networking help me get this internship in the first place, but it helped me get my hands on as many products as possible. It also helps to have some friends to talk to in the office every day. Moral of the story: Go meet people and don’t give up. ?

Which live event are you most excited to attend next?
I honestly haven’t had my eye on too many concerts lately because a lot of my favorite artists aren’t currently touring. But I’d love to go to a music festival soon, because I’ve never been to one. Maybe Real Street Fest or Rolling Loud. I’d also really love to go to a Lakers game this season!


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