Ticketmaster Intern Spotlight: Research Analyst Nathan Kim

You can’t build industry-leading solutions without a commitment to developing and supporting a diverse group of emerging talent. To nurture that, Ticketmaster actively recruits, employs and promotes interns, providing them with the real-world experiences that allow them to succeed in the workplace. Because we are invested in the personal and professional growth of our people, we offer direct executive exposure, learning sessions, and more to cultivate the on-the-job skill sharpening to advance in their roles.

We spoke to Nathan Kim, who recently graduated from USC and was offered a full-time opportunity as a Research Analyst after a Spring and Summer Ticketmaster Analytics internship in Hollywood:

What influenced your decision to join Ticketmaster as an intern?
I really wanted to gain experience in working with a notable technology company that helped create quality experiences. Additionally, my favorite memories with my friends have been going to concerts.

What excites you most about interning at Ticketmaster? About our work culture?
The work culture at Ticketmaster is one of the best that I’ve seen compared to the other internships I’ve had.  The office, especially my team, has put on multiple social events to help us grow closer together. One of my favorites might have been competing in the team’s salsa competition during an office gathering that was supposed to promote combining quantitative and qualitative data together for more compelling business cases.

How big of a role does a company’s commitment to developing and growing emerging talent play in your career decision making?
I think that the company has a great commitment to developing a curiosity about the company and the opportunities available here.  The intern learning sessions are great for higher up executives to discuss with us the various projects they’re working on and give insight into how they contribute to the overall success of the company.  I’ve definitely learned a great amount of Ticketmaster and career options through them.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to join Ticketmaster as an intern?
Do it! Be proactive and reach out to people in the company.  They do cherish that quality and will recognize you as the star that you are.

What steps did you take to create these opportunities for yourself at Ticketmaster? How did networking and staying connected help you?
I reached out to Veronica Dining after finding her email on LinkedIn about the position that I was excited for.   I received a call for a first round interview a few days later and the rest is history. Remembering to follow up with a heartfelt email thanking the interviewer for their time is really considerate.

Which live event are you most excited to attend next?
There are a couple on the table.  But 88rising or Day N Vegas might be the ones I’m excited to attend next.


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