Ticketmaster Music Powers SXSW VIP Party With New Technology

South by Southwest (SXSW) is one of the most highly-anticipated events across the interactive, film, and music industries, which made it the perfect platform to give Ticketmaster Music clients hands-on experience with all the latest in Ticketmaster innovations.

Ticketmaster Music’s Showcase and VIP party featured a killer line up of Lizzo, King Princess, Car Seat Headrest, Cherry Glazerr, and Durand Jones & The Indications, and demonstrated how artists, venues, and promoters can identify more fans, as well as personalize their experience through deep analytics. The party was powered by new Ticketmaster technologies that were demoed at SXSW:  

Ticket Request Platform: Ticketmaster wants to reduce the anxiety fans may have around onsales. Ticketmaster Music clients were invited to demo our new Ticket Request platform to request an exclusive VIP ticket to Ticketmaster Music’s party at CB’s Lounge at Stubb’s BBQ. The Ticket Request platform enables artists to collect ticket requests backed by confirmed credit cards, and allows artists to choose the order in which to fill requests. 

Secure Digital Ticketing: Ticketmaster is leaning heavily into secure digital ticketing as a way to reduce fraud and identify fans in order to personalize their experiences. Event attendees got to demo new innovations to secure digital ticketing, which feature a rotating barcode that updates every 15 seconds so that no screenshots or paper tickets can be used. Because the mobile-only tickets are identity-based, a fan arriving at the show knows their tickets are authentic. Additionally, artists are able to track a ticket’s full chain of custody, enabling them to connect with the fans that are actually there through countless personalization opportunities.

Fan Analytics: When artists are able to identify their fans, they can begin to learn more about individual interests and preferences, which deepens the available data used to build one-on-one relationships. By understanding your fan’s preferences, you can also make better decisions on how you plan future tours and craft more personalized fan communications that really grab their attention. Ticketmaster’s fan analytics capabilities help surface meaningful insights to artists.

Using these Ticketmaster technologies, we were able to learn some very interesting things about our VIP party attendees…


Thirty-seven percent of attendees have at least a college degree, with 57 percent of our VIP party goers falling within the age range for millennials.
  A whopping 93 percent of attendees used an iOS device to enter the VIP party, compared to only 7 percent entering with an Android device.
  More than 90 percent of attendees have a child in their household, yet only three percent were found to drive minivans. Turns out, sports utility vehicles are the ride of choice for 47 percent of attendees
The love for live music is real. Through Ticketmaster technology, we gleaned that more than one-fourth of VIP party attendees saw 5+ events in the past three years based on purchase history. And that rock, pop, EDM, R&B, and soul music are among the most popular genres among partygoers.


These types of insights are essential to connecting with today’s fans. Apart, they may seem like random pieces of information, but string them together and you have a better picture of who your fans are and how you can reach them with personalized experiences that build your relationship with them.   

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