Ticketmaster President Jared Smith Discusses Protecting Fans at the NexTech Conference

For two days, leading tech experts gathered at the 2019 NexTech Conference to share strategic insight into how various industries are addressing the unique challenges they face. In his fireside chat with Adweek’s Brand and Technology Editor, Josh Sternberg, Ticketmaster President Jared Smith discussed how technology is powering the future of ticketing. As the global market leader, Ticketmaster is continuing to build industry-leading technology to protect over 300 million fans globally, fight ticket bots and heighten the privacy and security of fans.

As technology advances, one of the biggest challenges to the ticketing industry is ticket bots. These automated bots move faster than a real, human fan, purchasing some of the best seats in a matter of seconds. During the fireside chat, Smith stated that in 2018 alone, Ticketmaster blocked 10 billion bot purchase attempts and that number is anticipated to rise in 2019. To get more tickets into the hands of fans at the prices set by the artist, show or team, Ticketmaster is heavily invested in protecting the system from bot attacks.

When Smith was asked how this is being done, he highlighted the integration of new products in the marketplace to ensure more tickets end up in the hands of real fans. With new solutions such as the virtual queue and ticket requests, fans are provided with an improved, seamless experience while keeping bots out. The Ticketmaster Smart Queue layers advanced security measures and monitors traffic in real-time to provide fans with fair access to primary tickets. To continue making the marketplace safer and easier for fans, the Wait List was created for high-demand events. Bypassing a traditional onsale, fans pre-register for events and if their ticket request is confirmed, tickets are placed directly into the fan’s Ticketmaster account.

However, the world’s shift to mobile has changed fan behaviors – 60 percent of Ticketmaster’s ticket transactions now take place on mobile. With this shift adding new complexities to how fans are protected, the fan experience has transformed. Smith shared how Ticketmaster has developed cutting-edge enhancements to digital ticketing such as SafeTix encrypted tickets to better serve today’s mobile-first fans. Not only are event owners provided greater visibility into the full chain of custody of a ticket – allowing for deeper more meaningful communication with fans – but also increased security by combating fraud and ticket counterfeiting. The adoption of new technologies has also opened up new opportunities to understand fans to create personalized one-on-one relationships.

The Smart Queue, Wait List and Ticketmaster SafeTix™ are just some of the technology built to enhance the ticket shopping experience for fans. As the landscape continues to change, Ticketmaster will continue to innovate to protect fans and connect them with the artists, shows or teams they love.