Ticketmaster Just Made Discovering Your Live Events Easier

Find events and buy tickets with Amazon Alexa Ticketmaster skill.


Ticketmaster knows that the key to keeping your fans engaged is meeting them wherever they are and making buying tickets as easy as possible.

That’s why we developed the new Ticketmaster skill for Amazon Alexa.

Now, for the first time ever, fans with Alexa-enabled devices can use their voice to find your comedy show, discover this weekend’s Knicks game, or see options for next month’s national Hamilton tour. They can even buy with their voice, too.

How Fans Discover Your Events with the New Ticketmaster Skill for Amazon Alexa

Step 1: To access the Ticketmaster skill, fans speak a command, like, “Alexa, open Ticketmaster” or “Alexa, ask Ticketmaster to find events this weekend” to their Alexa-enabled device.

Step 2: To discover your events, fans search by the event name, a city or date range, or an artist or team name. For example, “Find concerts in Houston” or “What time is Wicked in New York City?”

Step 3: From there, fans hear event details and can say the number of tickets they want to buy and their price range for each ticket.

Step 4: To buy event tickets, fans link their Ticketmaster account to Alexa, and can use their stored payment methods to complete the purchase.

Step 5: Ticketmaster will send fans an order confirmation email, and tickets will be available in their Ticketmaster account.

And it’s that simple. For now, the Ticketmaster skill for Amazon Alexa is only available in the United States, with plans to expand to more countries in the near future.

As a partner to clients around the world, it’s always been a top Ticketmaster priority to invest in technology and partnerships that create a better experience for fans and clients alike.

The launch of the new Ticketmaster skill follows other recent integrations and partnerships that expand how fans can discover and purchase tickets.

In August, Ticketmaster announced a partnership with Samsung’s Bixby to bring voice technology to the event discovery and seat selection process. In October, Ticketmaster announced an industry-first interactive integration with Comcast that enables Xfinity X1 customers to discover and request concert tickets through their X1 remotes and televisions.

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