Ticketmaster’s Approach to Driving Product Innovations? Focus on the Fans.

See how Ticketmaster’s strategy drives product innovations and fuels customer success.

Fans are at the heart of everything we do. They drive our strategy, our investments, and shape how we evolve our technology and products.

At Ticketmaster, we’ve been building at breakneck speed to empower you with comprehensive solutions that address the needs and wants of today’s connected fan.

We were honored to share how our fan-first strategy is fueling our products and technology for client attendees this week during the 40th Annual INTIX Conference and Exhibit. Keep reading for an overview.


How We’ve Evolved Our Technology


We revolutionized how you connect with fans with ticketing technology.

“Brands like Amazon and Spotify changed things – and now we, as consumers and fans, are looking for a brand or a team or an artist to get to know us and interact with us in very personal ways,” said Meghann York, Ticketmaster VP of Product Marketing.

Personalized interactions require data, which can be notoriously hard to capture in your day-to-day efforts. Enter the PresenceⓇ Fan Identity Platform.

Presence consists of three core functionalities:

Secure Digital Tickets
Our cutting-edge authentication technology provides enhanced fraud protection through secure digital tickets. Secure digital tickets protect fans, venues and teams better than ever before.

Full Chain of Custody
The authenticator API for customers provides the full chain of custody of a ticket, providing valuable insights into every fan who walks through the door, allowing you to more effectively market to fans.

Venue Intelligence Platform
We’re doubling down on technology that helps you run venue intelligence, instrumentation, and streamline your venue operations with Presence — your one-stop solution for managing access control and monitoring real-time fan traffic.

With these incredible functionalities, it’s no surprise that, in 2018 alone, Presence powered 52.6 million scans in more than 200 venues at 27,000+ events – with more to come in 2019.



We made it easier than ever to engage with your fans.

The new Account Manager experience went mobile, giving teams, venues, theaters and universities the opportunity to personalize their content to fans through the quick creation of dynamic web pages. The experience also empowers fans to manage more than one event and more than one ticket in a single transaction.

We also invested heavily in our TM1 platform, a suite of next generation event management tools to help you plan, build, scale, and report on the events you create. At a high-level, TM1 can help you:

  • Quickly create, scale, and manage your events in one centralized location.
  • Build your brand and keep your venue top of mind with top of the line customer relationship management tools.
  • Leverage the industry’s largest database of live event goers to create optimized audience segments for your events.
  • Glean valuable customer insights on-the-go with detailed sales, inventory, and attendance reports, which you can access via mobile app.
  • Optimize how you drive sales and streamline box office operations.


How We’ve Evolved Our Marketplace


“Our purpose in everything we do is rooted in the core belief that every fan deserves fair and easy access to the magic of live events,” said Ismail Elshareef, SVP of Fan Experience and Open Platform.



Bots have historically had a massive advantage over your fans in the onsale environment. Tickets go on sale and millions of bots – all at once – attack, pushing true fans out of line and gobbling up all your inventory.

Here’s what we’ve done to combat bots and protect your fans on Ticketmaster:


We made the marketplace fairer with a virtual queue.

In 2018, we rolled out a ‘virtual line’ to the onsale queue experience that helps protect fans from ticket bots and provides a better and more reliable shopping experience. Once at the front of the line, they are admitted to an Interactive Seat Map at a variable rate designed to maximize sell-through.

The virtual queue has quickly become instrumental in blocking bots during onsales. In fact, it’s been used for more than 2,000 onsales. And we’re now running it an average of 300 to 500 times per week, said Elshareef. In total, this has enabled us to get 8 million REAL fans through the queue and block 10 BILLION bots.

We streamlined the marketplace experience, so we can innovate even faster.

In 2018, we rolled out a unique and consistent purchase experience across all channels built on a single platform.

This new experience was built on a single platform and provides a consistent fan experience across all channels — from Ticketmaster.com to the Ticketmaster mobile app to the mobile web to Ticket Exchange to the new Account Manager.

For the fans, this significantly reduces the cognitive overload that happens when a fan visits Ticketmaster across all our channels and has to rediscover how to navigate to where they want to go.

This sets the foundation for us to innovate even faster in 2019 — and beyond.