Ticketmaster’s Platinum Tickets Maximizes Tour Revenue for Artists and Promoters

Capturing market value for the most sought after tickets secures revenues otherwise lost on the secondary market to scalpers. For more than a decade, we’ve helped artists achieve this through seat level dynamic pricing via our Platinum Tickets platform. With the release of our state-of-the-art Platinum Pricing Tool, artists and their promoters are able to impact a far greater percentage of their venues. The new tool brings a new level of ease and efficiency to seat level dynamic pricing, removing previous volume constraints that were inherent in the old Platinum platform.

Some of the industry’s biggest acts have embraced these new capabilities. A recent major arena tour allocated 12% of tickets to Platinum, resulting in a 90% lift over face value and an incremental $7.1M+ to their total tour revenue. Similarly, a stadium tour allocated more than 5,000 tickets per show to Platinum, which led to 105% lift and $17M+ in incremental grosses. Today, major arena tours now regularly allocate 1000+ tickets to Platinum beginning with the onsale – heading towards a new normal allocation rate of 10+ percent. In just the first six months of 2019, the lift over face value has surpassed $150M.

The improved features driving this growth are:

  • Real-time dashboards showing sales trends, so artists and their promoters can make real-time price adjustments – even from the road
  • A single map-based view showing the status of all inventory in each venue
  • Enhanced, integrated reporting that makes settlement easy
  • Ticketmaster Music’s full-time pricing staff who are experts on our newest tools and able to assist wherever necessary

Ask your promoter for Sample Platinum allocation maps for each of the Top 40 North American arenas.