Ticketmaster’s SafeTix™ Encrypted Tickets Protect Fans and Provide Artists with Greater Visibility Into Event Attendees

As the world has shifted to mobile, fans use their mobile devices to unlock all kinds of access. Mobile phones have become boarding passes for planes, keys for cars and hotel rooms, and now with Ticketmaster’s SafeTix™ encrypted tickets, smartphones are the new concert ticket.

Built on the Presence® digital ticketing and venue access control platform, SafeTix™ creates a secure digital ticket that is connected to the original purchaser’s Ticketmaster account. The purchaser can easily transfer tickets to their show buddies using the built-in transfer system, and each recipient’s SafeTix ticket will then be linked to their individual Ticketmaster account. For the first time in concert history, artists have the opportunity to get to know not only the ticket buyer, but every ticketholder at every show in a Ticketmaster venue.

The early data on the two-dozen tours that have eliminated all delivery methods other than mobile tickets shows a +75% increase in transfer activity, and 91.5% of those transfers were to new fans not previously in the artist’s database.

In addition, SafeTix tickets cannot be counterfeited. Each SafeTix ticket is equipped with a unique barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds. This protects fans by preventing a ticket from being screenshotted or photocopied and sold multiple times by unscrupulous sellers. Venue personnel are trained to recognize and only scan SafeTix enabled tickets, which ensures that only authentic and active SafeTix accounts will be admitted to the venue.

Of course, we understand that phones get broken or lost and not everyone has a smartphone. In this case, fans can simply visit the venue box office with an ID and order number to be issued a physical ticket for SafeTix events.

To learn more about SafeTix, talk to your Ticketmaster Artist & Promoter Relations representative.