Top 3 Take-Aways from the Collegiate Ticketing Conference

Collegiate leaders gathered at The Ohio State University for the annual Collegiate Ticketing Conference (CTC) to gain insights on how to reach more fans and create personalized fan experiences. Ticketmaster experts joined our college partners to discuss how we are evolving to meet the unique needs of the college segment and shared best practices for engaging a new type of fan. Here are the top three take-aways.


The Move to Digital is Essential

The college space is faced with the challenge of transforming into a mobile-first industry as consumers are becoming increasingly mobile dependent. With current mobile sales at 47 percent and average mobile entry at 50 percent (up 33 percent since 2017), the move to mobile-only is essential in better understanding fans and streamlining event day operations.

SafeTix™, Ticketmaster’s latest innovations to the Presence digital ticketing platform, provides full chain of custody data while removing fan anonymity and fraud, providing you and fans peace of mind. SafeTix™, replaces the traditional paper ticket with a digital ticket that is tied to each fan’s unique account, so fans can simply “tap and go,” reducing the friction of long lines at the gate and giving colleges the ability to know exactly who attended the event.

“We live in a digital world where our fans are consuming content and utilizing their mobile devices for everything, from banking to shipping. Moving towards digital ticketing is about the fan experience – ease of use, convenience, fraud prevention – and that’s the key message to convey to fans. Deliver clear and concise communication that explains why and how to utilize digital options through all of the platforms that your fans use (email, social media, in-venue), and the transition to digital ticketing will be smooth.”
Matt Carabajal, Senior Director – Ticket Operations & Service


Colleges Should Include Resale in Their Ticketing Strategies

With the collegiate resale market exceeding 800 million, this year’s CTC focused on the importance of the resale marketplace. The creation of a healthy marketplace can better inform primary and season pricing by unveiling the behaviors of fans, students and season ticket holders when buying and reselling their tickets. Considering that 35 percent of College Football sales and 40 percent of College Basketball sales occur within one week of the event date, understanding fan buying behavior is critical to how you build your resale strategies. In conjunction with going mobile, strengthening your game plan for resale can help increase share by:

  • Building a marketplace that always has tickets available
  • Increasing season ticket holder participation in the official marketplace
  • Winning key moments with fans
  • Setting dynamic fees at the right time


Personalization is Key to Converting Prospects to Season Ticket Holders

Season ticket holders are a colleges’ most valuable fan and delivering personalized experiences is not only key to season ticket renewal, but also providing all of the information a potential season ticket holder needs to make the decision to purchase. As the season arrives, the time is now to personalize the season ticket holder and fan experience to amplify revenue. The Account Manager Marketing Experience provides the necessary segmentation tools to help build one-on-one relationships with fans. Two of the popular ways that marketing experience can be integrated is through the Contact Us Page and Event Page. The creation of these specific, customized pages to drive fan engagement enhances the experience for prospects and season ticket holders in new ways.

To learn more about the marketing experience and how to use it, click here.


Thank you to The Ohio State University, all CTC participants, host committee and speakers for participating in a record-breaking conference!