Vikings Transition To All-Digital Tickets Without A Glitch

The 2018 Minnesota Vikings season kicked off without a hitch, as many fans entered the stadium for the first time using digital tickets, powered by Ticketmaster’s award-winning digital ticketing platform, Presence. Fans entered the stadium seamlessly with their mobile phones to watch the Vikings take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Vikings are one of six NFL teams to offer fans 100% digital ticketing, with the rest of the league set to adopt this technology next year. As an organization that prides itself on innovation, the Vikings were one of the league’s earliest adopters of digital ticketing. Back in 2014, just one year after Ticketmaster introduced the first digital ticket, the Vikings jumped at the opportunity to offer fans a more personalized experience delivered through their team app. For fans utilizing the Vikings’ mobile app, accessing tickets through their smartphones is just one of the advantages. Viking fans also have access to real-time information like road closures, gate backups and discounts on merchandise and concessions.

So, what did fans think about the new digital entry process?

“I prefer them digital,” said 16-year-old Joey Powers of Edina,Minn. who waited outside one of the security lines at the stadium with his grandparents. “I don’t have to print it out.”

“I don’t have a problem with it myself,” said Kent Lestrud of Princeton, Minn., who attended the game with his two sons. “Let’s say I get separated from one of my sons. I can send it to them and they can still get in.”

With Ticketmaster’s Presence, Viking fans can easily send tickets to friends and family directly from their smartphones. In addition to offering fans convenience, the move to 100% digital tickets helps the Vikings combat fraud.

One fan observed someone selling PDF tickets outside the stadium, a clear indication of fraud. The fan smiled at the seller and said, “Dude, I don’t think you can print them anymore.”

While there will always be those fans who want the paper ticket, the benefits of digital ticketing seem to far outweigh the need for nostalgia, as evidenced in the reactions of Viking fans. Protecting fans against fraud while delivering a more personalized game-day experience is top priority for the Minnesota Vikings, and fans couldn’t be happier.