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TORONTO (June 27, 2019) — Today Ticketmaster announced that it has resolved proceedings brought by the Commissioner of Competition in Canada.

Last July, Ticketmaster was the first ticket company to voluntarily ensure total prices were displayed upfront to Canadian consumers.  We look forward to the Competition Bureau and individual provinces ensuring that all other ticket marketplaces in the live event industry meet the same standards.

Ticketmaster is committed to leading the industry in consumer safety and transparency and has also adopted best practices to protect Canadian live entertainment consumers that include:

1.  Clearly disclosing if tickets are being sold at the original face value or are being resold at prices that may be above or below face value    

2.  Banning the practice of listing tickets for sale at inflated prices before they are even purchased, a practice known as “ticket speculation” 

3.  Clearly identifying if we are the official primary ticket marketplace for an event and, if we are not, identifying which marketplace is

Ticketmaster welcomes new consumer protection legislation across Canada to improve transparency, fight cheater bots that steal tickets, and reduce fraud in the secondary sales market and will continue to actively participate in federal and provincial conversations to create the safest ticketing environment for fans and event owners alike.