With fans seeing an average of 4-10k ads per day, breaking through the noise is increasingly difficult. Effective marketing teams are now relying on a variety of customer insights and marketing automation software to cut through that clutter. A deeper understanding of fans, the live events they attend and how best to reach them allows box offices and live event marketers to engage fans on an individual basis.

Building an authentic, personalized relationship with each fan starts with your dataset. Every  purchase, email open or social media engagement fleshes out a fan’s profile, unlocking a unique opportunity to engage and serve that fan’s needs. To understand how data powers engaging fan experiences, one needs only to look to leading brands like Spotify and Amazon. Spotify uses past streams to generate personalized playlists that are truly unique to each listener, while Amazon utilizes purchase history to build precise, personalized product suggestions.

Fans have come to expect these personalized experiences from every company they interact with. Sadly, outdated tech has prevented many box offices and marketing teams from meeting these new expectations. Accessing the data necessary to craft these personalized interactions hasn’t always been easy and, more often than not, it’s not structured in a way that makes immediate analysis and action possible.

That’s why we’ve created marketing tools unique to live entertainment that empower marketers with the ability to not only access and structure their data, but to drive personalized, engaging campaigns.  Some of these include:

  • Suggested Audiences help marketers drive higher conversions by identifying fans who might be interested in an upcoming event based on their preferences and past-purchases
  • Custom Audiences allow marketers to segment their databases based on specific criteria like “Big Spender” or “ Last Second Buyer” enabling them to spin up campaigns to specific groups of fans
  • SafeTix™ event Customer Lists help marketers identify not only who purchased the ticket, but who attended, building their database of fans who had the thrill of the event and will want to come back for more (Need a refresher? Find out how here)
  • Pixel and “Came From Code” tracking measures campaign effectiveness and provides marketers with reports on campaign impact across various channels
  • Real-Time reporting empowers more intelligent decision making and allows for campaign optimization

Live event marketers using these tools have the ability to better understand their fans, build targeted audiences and communicate with their fans on a 1-1 basis. When empowered with the right tools, you can break through the noise of impersonal marketing with relevant, meaningful content that creates long-term customers and drives ticket sales.

If you would like to learn more about these TM1 features, please reach out to your Ticketmaster representative.


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