At Ticketmaster, our goal is to create a seamless experience for fans to discover and buy tickets to the events they love on the platforms that mean the most to them. Snapchat has one of the most engaged Gen Z & Millennial audiences with more than 280M people opening the app – on average 30 times a day – to stay in touch with their close friends. Thanks to our open API and Distributed Commerce platform, we are bringing the latest concerts, games and events right into Snapchat for fans to discover and share with their friends. 

Snapchat’s Snap Map helps users connect to their closest friends, find familiar places and discover new ones. Snap recently announced that Snap Map will be welcoming Map Layers, a new feature to engage with specialized experiences. Ticketmaster is proud to be one of the first launch partners with the all new Ticketmaster Layer coming soon. The Ticketmaster Layer will display artists playing at venues nearby and other events coming up in the future. 

From the Ticketmaster Layer, Snapchatters can launch directly into the new Ticketmaster Mini, a gamified event discovery experience, that is also debuting in the app later this year. Within the Ticketmaster Mini, Snapchatters can swipe right or left on different events taking place around the world to connect with Snapchat friends who want to be part of the same experience. Fans can then be redirected to Ticketmaster to buy tickets.

At any point, Snapchatters can share events with their friends via Chat or Stories, which subsequently invites friends into the Ticketmaster Mini for their own event discovery journey. Snapchatters can also return to their concert and event picks and find friends who have also expressed interest, creating an entirely new way to organize your crew.

We are excited to start connecting fans from all over the world to the concerts, games and events they love later this year.