It’s the moment college football fans across the country have been waiting for. On December 20, 2019, the College Football Playoff Bowl games will kick off, ending with the National Championship Game held at Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Before digital ticketing, the CFP faced rampant fraud via paper tickets and speculative ticketing, which also led to significant fan entry issues. To combat this, the 2020 Championship Game has gone 100% digital tickets – dramatically improving the entry experience for 70K+ fans and helping tackle ticket fraud on game day. 

As the official ticketing partner of the College Football Playoff National Championship, Ticketmaster is committed to helping teams provide a smooth experience for fans – from ticket purchase to event entry via mobile. Here how Ticketmaster is helping the CFP and organizations like yours prepare this change:

1. Educate Your Fans

Protecting fans from ticket fraud is of the utmost importance – so, it’s critical to educate your fan base to only purchase tickets from official sources (Ticketmaster, a Ticketmaster partner or your school’s box office) to ensure they can’t be counterfeited. Dozens of sites use words and logos to make fans think they’re buying tickets from an official source, when in reality they’re buying unverified tickets from individual ticket sellers.

One deceptive practice that may cause your fans confusion is Spec Ticket Listing. This is when unofficial sellers list tickets for sale even though they don’t actually have those tickets in-hand, only purchasing what they are able to scam fans into buying, oftentimes with significant mark-up. 

When you’re ready to build assets to educate your fans on how to safely shop for verified tickets, we’ve got you covered. The Digital Ticketing Kit is our one-stop-shop of materials that can be used to educate staff and fans. From fully-customizable guides to email templates and social cards, you can get fans ready for the best experience possible. Simply switch out any screenshots and tailor the messaging to bring your event branding to life.

2. Prepare Your Staff

From boarding flights to entering arenas, fans are increasingly relying on digital ticketing as a part of daily life. Because of this, expectations for smooth entry have never been higher. That’s why it’s critical you set time aside to train your staff to quickly and efficiently get fans into your event.

Building a robust training plan for your box office is vital to a successful move to digital ticketing. Also available in the Digital Ticketing Kit, Ticketmaster has developed a comprehensive event preparation checklist that will help your box office team assist ticketholders. Key items on this list remind your team to make sure SMS is running smoothly, reporting is active and ready, and more. Also, just in case, the handy checklist provides an issue resolution process for overriding events that will guide your staff through the situation if it does arise.

Another critical element to your success is your front line – the gate staff. Preparing them for game day will ensure fans get scanned in at record speed. The Event Checklist helps your team scan fans in at record speed, thanks to information on all ticket types + app environments, as well as test scanning best practices to ensure they’re experts by game day. 

Digital ticketing has drastically improved the experience for college football fans with a reported zero cases of fraud for the College Football Playoff Championship Game in 2019. If you would like to learn more about digital ticketing or would like to kick off your own fan education program using assets from the Digital Ticketing Kit, please reach out to your Ticketmaster representative.