The shift to mobile has created an entirely new paradigm for your fans and box office employees.

Fans now expect “always on” experiences — they want to be able to purchase tickets anytime, anywhere. In addition to on-demand experiences, artists, teams and venues are expected to personalize each moment — in fact, 76 percent of fans expect the brands they love to understand their wants and needs and then deliver experiences that meet their expectations.

The next generation of employees has many of those same expectations. Accustomed to using tools like Salesforce CRM and Google Docs, younger employees are digital natives who are adept at — and want to use — the latest technology. Using modern technology in their roles not only makes the job more appealing, but also makes sense operationally to streamline processes and create efficiency.

In the live entertainment industry, time-consuming processes and outdated technology have historically prevented box offices from taking the steps needed to meet these new expectations.  However, the adoption of cloud-based technologies holds significant promise for venues and signals a shift toward a future that works for everyone.

Digital ticketing, for example, allows venues to know their fans like never before — understanding not only who purchased the ticket, but who actually entered the venue — by creating previously inconceivable personalization opportunities. At the box office, the integration of these new technologies not only gives employees the type of user interfaces they expect, but also holds the promise of streamlining how venues operate.  New platforms can drive sales, empower more informed decisions and smarter marketing to fans.

But digital ticketing is just one example. Across Ticketmaster, our venues, teams and performing arts partners that have adopted these new technologies have:

  • Streamlined the event creation and management process with intuitive interfaces and collaborative workflows that remove the disjointed back-and-forth of event management
  • Generated leads at a higher velocity with digital ticketing and the ability to surface the chain of custody for every ticket
  • Cultivated a deeper understanding of their local fans, the events they go to, and where to reach them
  • Driven sales by optimizing multi-channel marketing campaigns with powerful conversion tracking and thoughtful email automations
  • Achieved smoother venue ingress and digress operations, driven by suite of venue intelligence tooling
  • Made more informed decisions from anywhere in the world, thanks to mobile access to real-time financial and marketing reporting

Today, as the live event industry embraces digital trends, there’s a need for new products and solutions that are developed with fans and your box office staff in mind. Follow our journey as we dive into topics the modern box office should be thinking about every day and the benefits of adopting industry-leading technology at your venue.


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