“What the technology has allowed us to do is learn more about our clients and our customers. The use of the data, the use of the technology – we turn it into an actionable sales and marketing campaigns and are able to elicit direct revenue results from the technology.”

Chris Gargani

VP of Ticket Sales & Service

Challenge: The Jacksonville Jaguars Aim to Know More Fans and Improve the Fan Experience

With one of the most passionate fan bases in the NFL, it’s easy to understand why delivering exceptional fan experiences has been top of mind for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Knowing that building deeper, more meaningful relationships with each fan begins with knowing who they are, the Jags found that their current data capture practices only allowed them to identify ~25% of their audience. Additionally, with 67K+ entering the stadium every game day, it was also very important to the team to protect fans from bad actors screenshotting or photocopying a single PDF ticket multiple times and selling those fraudulent copies to unsuspecting customers.

As one of the most fan-focused teams, the Jags sought to update TIAA Bank Field Stadium with a solution that would help them better understand and protect their fans.

Solution: Building Next-Level Relationships With Fans  

The adoption of Ticketmaster’s Presence® – the next generation venue access control and fan engagement platform – helped the Jaguars unlock new opportunities to connect to each and every fan in meaningful ways as well as grow their fan database.

Ticketmaster SafeTix™, the latest enhancement to Presence, allowed the team to do this. Understanding the full chain of custody of a ticket enabled the Jags to not only understand every original ticket buyer, but also every person was sold, transferred and ultimately entered the stadium on game day. Additionally, SafeTix™ leverages new technology to create a unique rotating barcode that completely eliminates fraud from the Jaguars fan experience.

Results: With Ticketmaster SafeTix, The Jaguars Unlock the Fan Identity 

Following their adoption of SafeTix, the Jaguars have been armed with a wealth of information and actionable insights about their fanbase to earn the trust of their fans and deliver better game day experiences. In 2018, the team had 28K fan accounts receive a transferred ticket. Of those 28,000 accounts, over 21,000 never had contact with a Jacksonville Jaguars representative. Unlocking the fan identity of these brand new fans opened new sales and marketing opportunities: “That has become our #1 lead source for new revenue for the upcoming season,” said Chad Johnson, SVP of Ticket Sales & Service.

Chris Gargani, VP of Ticket Sales & Service added, “The use of the data, the use of the technology – we turn it into an actionable sales and marketing campaigns and are able to elicit direct revenue results.”

The team was also successful in reducing fraud. Digging into their newly-provided ticket chain of custody data from SafeTix, they even found that 40% of their tickets were being transferred during the last 72 hours before the event — when fraud is at its highest. However, thanks to the implementation of SafeTix, the Jags experienced zero fraud while also adding thousands of new names to file.

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