Marketers have all been there: you want to measure your campaign to prove the value of your efforts, but don’t know where to start. From identifying the metrics that matter to how best to visualize the results for your organization, it’s easy to get buried in data. That’s why Ticketmaster has made it easy! With a powerful platform of intuitive analytical tools, box office and live event marketers receive real-time campaign performance insights that optimize campaigns and fuel future marketing efforts.

Use Social Media to Keep Your Event Top Of Mind

In our last blog, we showed you how to better understand your fans . Now that you have segmented those audiences, it’s time to plan your campaign touchpoints and how you’ll measure the success of each element. In TM1 Marketing and Engagement, seamless integrations enable the box office to better understand fan behavior across digital touchpoints, ultimately leading to increased conversions. These integrations on email and social platforms allow you to see what fans are interested in by what ads they interact with on social. If a fan shows interest in your event, you can serve additional ads that provide more information like reminders of special offers, keeping your event top of mind.

Uplevel Your Email Marketing Efforts 

Need to understand your email campaign ROI? TM1 allows you to do so easily in TM1 Engagement – the email marketing solution built exclusively for Ticketmaster clients. Designed to improve fan engagement and drive more ticket sales via email, TM1 Engagement seamlessly monitors your ROI that helps you attribute sales and conversion directly back to your emails. With simple to implement integrations, box office and live event marketing teams unlock opportunities to better understand fan behavior that leads to higher open and click-through-rates.

Another method available to live entertainment marketers through TM1 Marketing are Came From Codes (CFC). CFCs are unique codes that can be appended to the end of a URL that leads back to and allow you to understand clicks, page visits and ticket sales from any digital marketing channel. By measuring page visits and sales after a fan clicks on the custom URL, marketers can get a more precise look into their campaign’s performance and understand where traffic is coming from and why.

Gain Insights into Your Marketing Performance

Once your audience is defined and your campaign elements are measurable, it’s time to hit the Send button and monitor the effectiveness of your work. TM1 Reports provides your staff with a comprehensive suite of real-time reports to better visualize the data so your team can make faster, better business decisions that serve fans and drive revenue.

In just a few clicks, box office staff can view ticket sales, marketing metrics and fan behavior to optimize campaigns on the fly. Here’s how:

  • TM1 Report’s Summary Dashboard provides real-time snapshots of sales, web, resale and fan activity data, helping your team pinpoint opportunities to adjust ticket prices and inventory to maximize revenue
  • The Sales Trends report helps teams determine the health and velocity of ticket sales across events, identifying high and low points of sale in a quick-view graphical chart.
  • The Attendance report helps staff better understand how many fans are in the venue,  influencing day of event decisions.
  • The Sales Channels report provides marketers with insight into which channels perform best for selling tickets, allowing organizations to develop more targeted campaigns and promotions.
  • The Came From Code (CFC) report helps measure the success of your digital campaigns by monitoring click-through rates, tickets sold, face value and conversion rates, helping your team determine what content is performing well.

TM1 Reports is now mobile – empowering staff to access real-time event analytics on the go, anytime, anywhere. Look for TM1 Reports in the Apple and Google app stores.

In the coming blogs, we will explore topics that impact the day-to-day of the box office from driving sales everywhere fans are to making more informed decisions and streamlining event entry.

If you would like to learn more about TM1, please reach out to your Ticketmaster representative.

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