For artists, few things are as important as knowing and understanding your fans. As a trusted partner, Ticketmaster Music is constantly looking for new ways for artists to connect to their fans. Today, we’re excited to announce that Ticketmaster’s distributed commerce network has expanded again with an integration with Pandora.

Powered by Ticketmaster Music touring data pulled in real-time from our API, fans will now be notified of upcoming show announces and ticket on-sale alerts based on their location and artist listener history.

So, if you’re an up and coming country music singer, fans who come across your music on Pandora will know when you’re in their town through targeted notifications In-Stream, in their Listener Activity Feed, and on your Artist Profile Page.

Additionally, Ticketmaster is now integrated in Pandora AMP’s ‘Promote Show’ tool, which allows artists to create in-stream audio marketing campaigns around specific tour dates.

These new features are another way Ticketmaster Music is making it easy to connect with fans about live events.

For fans, nothing beats seeing their favorite artists live and feeling the energy of the crowd. It’s a moment in time that will last forever.

All we have to do is reach out.