Millennials are forecasted to be nearly 751 percent of the global workforce by 2025 and 82 percent of these Millennials say that next-gen technology will influence their decision about taking a new job. Therefore, it’s critical to re-think workplace tech. If done right, not only can teams and venues attract the modern worker who’s come to expect the latest technology, but they can also improve and streamline their operations to deliver impactful, curated experiences to their fans.

The box office is currently facing challenges from using multiple, time-consuming systems to create events that often result in disconnected workflows. Decision making through back-and-forth emails to set up events is not only inefficient but takes away the ability for decisions to be made in the moment they matter most. The use of legacy tech in the box office limits employee effectiveness and the ability to adapt quickly to changes. By relying on older systems, the box office is left relient on processes that don’t align with the modern business or worker.

That’s why we created a new, modern solution with your box office staff and the fan in mind. TM1 Events offers a suite of capabilities that enables your staff to quickly set up events and manage inventory throughout the sales cycle.

Built with thoughtful collaborative processes and sensible workflows, your staff can increase productivity to better meet fans expectations. Gone are the days of disjointed emails and paper-based processes due to out-dated tech.

But, don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Nathan Schumann, Box Office Manager at Pinnacle Bank Arena thinks of TM1 Events: “It’s very user-friendly and it streamlines the process tremendously to build an event. It takes all the annoying and tedious things out of the build process that you had to do before. I can do all my scaling, collaborating, and inventory management much faster.”

With it’s Interactive Seat Map (ISM) based designs, TM1 Events provides staff a recognizable canvas to implement seat layouts, scale the house and allocate inventory. Built in collaboration tools allow event builds to be easily shared with event promoters or artist teams. To bring in a collaborator, you’ll simply click on the icon, type in the emails of your partners and send. Voila! They’ll be instant collaborators. Stakeholders can suggest pricing and inventory edits in one centralized location, which then can be approved or rejected by box office staff.

By bridging partners and removing disparate systems, the – event creation and management process is streamlined with a tool that is built for the speed of today’s world. Publishing a new event can be completed in a matter of minutes with easy to implement venue templates, inventory and pricing management tooling, and real-time collaboration all in one holistic map view.

Watch how an event is created in TM1 Events:

The exceptional user experience of these modern tools enables simplified onboarding, allowing your new employees to adapt quickly and unlocking additional opportunities to focus on other value added functions.

In the coming blogs, we will focus on some of those activities that will empower your box office staff to be smarter marketers, optimize operations and make real-time informed decisions wherever they are, whether on mobile or desktop.

If you would like to learn more about TM1 Events, please reach out to your Ticketmaster representative.

This is the second installment of the “Modernizing Your Box Office” series.
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