As with any major initiative, your organization’s successful shift to mobile ticketing hinges on a proactive, collaborative roll-out that addresses the needs of both your staff and fanbase- this is true whether you’re tipping your goes into digital waters or upgrading to Presence or SafeTix. To prepare for a smooth transition, here’s four steps that will lead to.

Step 1: Plan

First, rally the various teams in your organization to help plan a successful rollout. Take it from Steve Alleva, Executive Director of Ticket Operations & Donor Relations at Georgetown University.

“Colleagues across the department, including but not limited to those in development, marketing, and athletics communications, became proponents of digital as they took pride in Georgetown University’s ability to offer fans the latest, cutting-edge technology and a convenient, state-of-the-art experience.” This shared vision of excellence resulted in an extensive launch plan that resulted in a 50% mobile ticketing entry rate for Georgetown’s Capital One Arena for the 2018-2019 season.

What do some of the components of a successful roll-out plan look like? Here’s just a few questions to ask your partners across your organization:

Box Office & Ticketing

  • Does the venue’s current hardware and software stacks need to be reviewed to support digital ticketing?
  • What assets are available to train box office and gate staff to support fans with mobile tickets?
  • Do we need to update event-day operations or fan ticketing FAQs to proactively address both internal and external concerns around mobile entry?


  • How can we ensure our fans understand mobile tickets?
  • What educational assets need to be created and inserted into our marketing efforts to help fans to enter the venue successfully?
  • How can we capture feedback from fans on how helpful they found our educational efforts?

Sales, Business Development & Account Management

  • How does the shift to mobile ticketing benefit clients? How can we effectively communicate these benefits pre and post event?
  • How can we leverage the increased insights from mobile ticketing to create more value for our clients and partners? How do I train my staff to communicate these insights?


Step 2: Educate

Once your stakeholders have assembled and charted the path forward, it’s time for the full court press. Your education approach should cover both your staff and fans.

For Your Staff

As fans’ first point of contact, training your staff with transparent, consistent messaging will provide a strong foundation for getting fans in with little friction. As a jumping off point, our Digital Ticketing Kit contains succinct staff education guides for both Ticketmaster SafeTix and QR mobile tickets so your staff can easily get up to speed on the latest entry practices. To set a clearly defined operational model for event day, review and adjust the Digital Ticketing Kit’s Event Day Checklist to quickly establish mobile ticketing support and procedure.

For Your Fans

When communicating with fans, start early. The earlier you begin to launch mobile ticketing education messages in your communications, the faster you can understand and respond to fan concerns through customer support and marketing channels. Similar to our multichannel fan education approach, these messages should succinctly instruct fans on mobile ticketing touchstones, which include:

  • Downloading theTicketmaster App to easily manage tickets
  • Instructions on how to add tickets to Apple or Google Wallet ahead of the event to avoid WiFi rendering issues at entry
  • How to transfer tickets to their fellow attendees before event day

Creating these assets quickly is easy when you leverage the how-to videos, email & push notifications and brandable assets available in our Digital Ticketing Kit. For access, request permission from your organization’s TM1 Admin.


Step 3: Resolve

To help fans who are new to digital ticketing, designate a few members of your event day staff to serve as a rapid-response mobile ticketing resolution team. Easy-to-use and intuitive enough to complete training in minutes, TM1 Sales empowers your resolution team to handle mobile ticketing redelivery and fan support right at entry straight from an iPad. Station your resolution team at different entrances to provide timely, in-person assistance to ensure fans are scanned in at record speed.


Step 4: Test & Learn

Testing doesn’t just stop at making sure the ticket barcodes are scannable. From campaign tactics and measurement to event-day operations, let fan and staff responses guide your digital ticketing education efforts.

By better understanding what is important to fans through surveys, fan events, contests and social engagement, you can generate targeted, creative campaigns that increase mobile adoption. For example, Georgetown University was able to incentivize season ticket holders to switch to mobile tickets through concession vouchers, free season tickets drawings and vanity tickets that drove season ticket holders to their online ticket management solution. As the team saw decreased physical ticket usage, they adjusted their strategy to focus solely on mobile ticketing.


Ready to Get Started?

Through planning, educating, testing, resolution and continuous learning, your team is primed for digital ticketing success. If you would like to learn more about digital ticketing, please reach out to your Ticketmaster representative.