“By leveraging Fevo’s social distribution technology and Ticketmaster integration, we were able to triple sales with a long standing client.”

Dave Sibelman

Group Sales Manager, New York Yankees


From fashion to car sharing, the sharing economy has increased consumer expectations around flexible pricing and packaging options. As an organization dedicated to knocking it out of the park for their fans, the New York Yankees sought to offer a greater variety of ticketing packages., making it easier for fans to attend games with their friends and family.

The UConn Alumni Association was a strategic partner for the Yankees, hosting an event at Yankee Stadium each year. With 500 tickets allocated for this group, the Yankees realized they would need a way for alumni to be able to purchase their tickets using the group offer, but pay separately for them. The Yankees were looking for a solution that would allow them to provide the opportunity for easy, ticketing-sharing purchases, without the hours of manual work that typically comes with standing up this kind of promotion.


The Yankees partnered with Ticketmaster’s Nexus Partner, Fevo to create a unique experience for the Alumni Association.

Fevo extends the offerings you provide today on the Ticketmaster platform and simplify ticket purchase and management. Fevo’s seamless white-label integration into the Ticketmaster e-commerce platform made the group booking experience easier than ever before. Seamlessly alumni were able to purchase tickets for the event together and pay separately, making it easier for these fans to experience the game as a group. Additionally, hours of manual labor were avoided due to Fevo’s fully automated purchasing process – tickets were directly sold to alumni within a matter of minutes, rather than hours.

With this specialty ticketing solution, the Yankees were able to unlock value for the team and fans. “Ticketmaster offers an incredibly robust ticketing platform and flexible API’s that allow us to deliver value-added synergies to our partners beyond increased ticket sales. The partnership expands the definitions of fan engagement,” said Fevo CEO Ari Daie.

Fevo’s functionality also goes beyond ticket sales to discounts and additional offers. In the case of the UConn Alumni Association, fans who purchased tickets were offered discounts of up to 20% off. As the size of the group grew, the incentives also grew. Eventually, the offer included a ticket to the game, a co-branded item and a pregame reception with food and drinks – all facilitated easily by Fevo and Ticketmaster, with no extra work from the Yankees team.

Alumnus were able to share the offer with their social networks, which vastly increased the campaign’s reach and, ultimately, ticket sales.

Business Impact: 

Upon realizing that 20% of tickets sold were thanks to Fevo’s social share feature, UConn decided to triple the initial ticket allocation to the program, generating over 1.4K tickets sold and $118K in additional revenue.

By leveraging this group’s vast social networks of diehard fans, the Yankees also saw a jump in new names to file, with three out of every four alumni purchasers identified as new fans to their database.

The integration also allowed the Yankees to improve their partnership with the UConn Alumni Associate thanks to a decrease in manual work required to support the program. Before the partnership with Fevo, both teams spent an average of eight hours messaging and collecting payment from individual alumni. With Fevo handling the heavy lifting of managing direct alumni transactions, the time spent supporting ticket purchasing went from painful hours to mere minutes.

Dave Sibelman, Group Sales Manager for the Yankees added, “By leveraging Fevo’s social distribution technology and Ticketmaster integration, we were able to triple sales with a long standing client. Three out of every four buyers were new to our database, which allows us to meet new consumers within the NYC UConn alumni community. Most importantly, we saved our client 8+ hours of manual work.”

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