When reselling tickets in a fan-to-fan marketplace, consumers deserve the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing they’ve bought a real ticket. Yet, on other marketplaces, counterfeiting runs rampant and listings are sometimes posted on unofficial secondary sites before tickets even go on sale. Not only does this create an unsafe shopping environment for fans, it creates logistical nightmares for box offices when these fans arrive with fake tickets in hand. Artists also lose control of pricing when scalpers markup tickets prices – sometimes at 30X the original value.

TM+ creates the safest ticket buying experience for fans. Not only does TM+ provide fans with a wider selection of tickets in one convenient place, it guarantees they’ll get into the event. TM+ also gives artists more control over pricing, allowing you to set floors and ceilings to ensure a better experience for both the seller and buyer.

There are even more benefits to TM+, five of which we highlighted below:

5 Things to Know About TM+