Last week, Chief Product Officer, Justin Burleigh, and EVP, Head of Music, David Marcus talked with Ticketmaster clients at Pollstar Live! about how Ticketmaster is strategically addressing the toughest challenges facing the touring industry.

We helped artists connect with their fans in 2018 in new ways and we’ll continue to do so in 2019. Here’s how:

Re-imagining the Way Fans Discover Your Events

Today’s fan is connected 24/7 on every platform and channel you can imagine. If you want to sell more tickets to more fans, you need to be where they are.

Our distributed commerce strategy helps your events reach a wider audience by putting them on more selling surfaces. We built up our portfolio of partners to include Samsung’s Bixby, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, and many more platforms. In fact, as of October, your fans can now purchase through their Xfinity X1 remotes, which we kicked off with Kelly Clarkson’s “Meaning of Life” tour in 2018.

To ensure a smooth, consistent user experience that consumers have come to expect, our product team has been hard at work to re-architect the fan marketplace, condensing the experience down from five code bases to one.

By simplifying in this way, we’ve made it possible to innovate even faster and made the purchase process even more seamless for your fans. With the marketplace on a single platform, now fans get the same experience across, the Ticketmaster mobile app and the mobile web, Ticket Exchange, and the new Account Manager.

Going Digital and Identifying Real Fans

Identifying fans unlocks countless possibilities to reduce fraud and create highly personalized fan experiences.

By the end of 2018, we rolled out digital tickets to all 32 NFL teams. We have also integrated our fan identity platform, PresenceⓇ, which replaces paper tickets with mobile digital passes, in nearly 200 venues. We had 55 million fans use our mobile entry product.

Things happen, and fans who purchase your tickets can’t always make it. So, they offer them to friends or sell them on resale sites. And as soon as that happens, you’ve lost valuable insights into who’s entering your venue. Presence allows you to track the chain of transfer, so you can understand who has attended your events, add new names to file, and extend the reach of your future marketing efforts.

And we’re continuing to invest in this approach with Secure Digital Tickets, our authentication technology that’s designed to take fraud protection one step further to safeguard fans, venues, and teams better than before.

All of these efforts are in addition to Verified Fan, which was our first step toward identity-based ticketing. Through the technology, your fans registered ahead of your onsale with some basic information, which we used to verify their identity and ensure they had fair access to your tickets. We saw tremendous success through our Verified Fan program in 2018. In fact, we registered more than 10 million fans and sold more than 6 million tickets for 4,000 events for more than 100 of the biggest artists in the world, said Marcus.

Getting Tickets into the Hands of Real Fans

A huge challenge not just for the music industry, but all live events, has been bots eating up your inventory before real fans have a chance.

Distinguishing humans from bots is the first step in ensuring tickets get into the hands of true fans. To this end, in 2018 we launched a smart ‘virtual line’ to the onsale experience.


Once fans reach the front of the queue, they land on an interactive seat map that’s been optimized to increase sell-through by giving fans a real-time view of all available inventory. As fans are picking their tickets on the map, we’re kicking bots out of the queue.

We’ve tested it on major onsales to great success with fans and artists. In total, we’ve gotten 8 million real fans through the queue and blocked 10 billion bots. And we’re excited to continue to strengthen this bot-fighting technology.

Getting Personal with Fan Engagement

You want to drive new names to file and reach more fans? You need powerful tools to target the right fans with personalized messaging.

The TM1 platform is a suite of event management tools designed to help you plan, build, scale, and report on your events quickly and effectively.


We announced TM1 Events, a self-service suite of tools that allows you to collaborate in real-time and build events faster. And over the past year, we’ve built natural language into the process to make managing inventory a more intuitive experience.

TM1 Marketing empowers you to identify your top fans, get suggested audiences for every show, and drive incredibly impactful marketing campaigns for your events,

Our email marketing solution, TM1 Engagement, empowers you to segment your audience so you’re reaching out to the right fans based on a variety of factors, such as purchase history, artist, venue, and more.

To learn more about all that the TM1 platform offers, visit our Support Community.