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“[Ticketmaster’s Agency] puts expert marketing strategy and cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. The [agency] team makes it easy to run successful campaigns with maximum impact.”

- Steve Alleva, Executive Director for Ticket Operations and Donor Relations

Challenge | Packing the House on Game Nights

With a rich and storied history, Georgetown University (GU) men’s basketball continues to evolve by finding creative ways to embrace a new generation of fans. For the ticket office and marketing department at Georgetown University Athletics, a big priority has always been to pack the house on game night and provide fans and players with one of the most exciting atmospheres in college basketball.

For the 2016-17 season, Georgetown needed a way to reach new audiences. Not only was GU competing with other live entertainment events for fan share, but also with a loyal pro sports fan base and seven other collegiate men’s basketball programs in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Solution | Retargeting to Expand Audience

To find new fans to attend GU Hoya basketball games, Steve Alleva, Executive Director for Ticket Operations and Donor Relations, knew he and his team needed to expand their audience. So, they partnered with Ticketmaster’s in-house agency, to leverage their expansive database of over 100 million fans.

“We had a relatively small budget to spend on advertising for ticket sales. We needed something that would check all the boxes (ROI, conversion, etc.) with trackable and obvious results that we could take back to our administration. We were confident retargeting would help us achieve these goals,” said Alleva.

Results | Increase in ROAS and Revenue

Using Ticketmaster’s Agency Services unique affinity audience targeting, GU launched a programmatic marketing campaign, and saw results almost immediately. After only ten days, Georgetown sold more than $2.2k in tickets, with a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 3.65x. “More so than other marketing strategies, Ticketmaster’s Agency tools allowed us to effectively identify, target, and convert new fans. As a result, our marketing campaign not only succeeded in increasing attendance and revenue, but also helped us to grow our database,” Alleva said.

At the close of the campaign, GU had sold hundreds of tickets, and added a number of new fans to their database. For the programmatic campaign alone, 53% of buyers were new to file.


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