Harlem Globetrotters

“One of the beauties of working with Ticketmaster is that they give us the ability to standardize all of our information in one place, so we can consistently look at and pull a number - whether it's pricing or offers across the entire tour - and feel confident in it because we know it's audited and it's the right number.”

- Mike Kenney, EVP Live Event Marketing


Founded in 1926, the Harlem Globetrotters are an iconic team with a history of entertaining families with their comedic and exciting athletic exhibition basketball games. The Globetrotters have grown tremendously over the years, and now play approximately 350 games in roughly 250+ venues across the United States over a 16-week period. This robust schedule presents the organization with a wealth of data about their customers but no tools to analyze that data. The Globetrotters knew understanding their customers was the key to growing and selling more tickets to a broader fanbase.


The Globetrotters decided to partner with Ticketmaster’s LiveAnalytics team to gain a better understanding of their customer database. LiveAnalytics performed a buyer analysis that broke down the Globetrotters’ customer demographics and trends, and presented the information with clear and actionable insights, which empowered the Globetrotters marketing team to devise solutions.


With clear and actionable insights from the LiveAnalytics team, the Globetrotters have taken measures to grow their business both externally and internally. Now, armed with a greater understanding of their repeat customers, the Globetrotters launched a successful email campaign targeting current customers with special loyalty offers designed to incentivize repeat business and retention.

Additionally, with new insights into the household income breakdown of their customer base, the Globetrotters were able to make more informed decisions about their pricing tactics.

Internally, the Globetrotters have used LiveAnalytics’ insights to create efficiencies and improve processes. With these insights, the marketing team is now empowered to get information faster and act on it sooner. This has allowed them to pursue a new stream of business: securing partners and regional sponsors through partnership marketing.


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