How PNC Arena Turned the Ticket Into Data

“At the end of the day it came down to the data, we realized we were selling tickets and we had no idea who was in the building a lot of the times, when it came to window sales.”

- Joe Sousa, Sr. Director of Arena Box


Located in Raleigh North Carolina, PNC Arena is the home of the Carolina Hurricanes, the North Carolina State Wolfpack Basketball program and some of the largest concerts that come through the area. In 2018, after the arena took on new ownership, management was determined to make a move to the latest ticketing platforms Ticketmaster offered, in an effort to capitalize on the opportunity to collect more data on their fans.

“At the end of the day it came down to the data, we realized we were selling tickets and we had no idea who was in the building a lot of the times, when it came to window sales.” said Joe Sousa – Sr. Director of Arena Box Office

With ownership focused on data collection and migrating to digital platforms it was time for PNC to think about ways to modernize their box office and completely remove paper tickets from the venue.


The team at PNC Arena tackled many of their data challenges when they decided to eliminate the ability to print PDF tickets at home and implement Ticketmaster Presence. The combination of those two efforts removed a majority of PDF and paper tickets that would come through the venue. Now, when fans were entering the building with tickets they’d purchase online, they were entering with digital tickets, allowing PNC to better understand who was in the stadium. The next step for PNC was to eliminate paper tickets from their own box office to help move to a fully digital environment.

PNC looked to TM1 Sales to solve this problem and installed the application at 15 Box Office windows and began using it during their day shift.

Unlike their previous point-of-sale solution, TM1 Sales automatically created a fan account with every box office transaction which allowed PNC the insight into who was purchasing tickets and the ability to add the fan to their database. An added benefit was that, because of TM1 Sales’ intuitive user interface, window sellers were quick to pick up how to sell tickets, gather fan data during checkout and deliver SMS tickets quickly.

“The training of the staff wasn’t a problem at all, they were up and running in 15 minutes.” said Sousa.

After successfully testing TM1 Sales with the day shift, the box office started using TM1 Sales for all events and it became a mandate from management to push SMS delivery for all box office sales, collecting as much fan information as possible while selling tickets. Backed by a strong fan education campaign around how to manage and transfer digital tickets, the venue started to see immediate impact.


The push to SMS delivery not only helped capture fan data for box office sales, but also nearly eliminated queues at will call. Now when window sellers complete a transaction a fans account is instantly created or added to. These new-to-file fan accounts have grown the PNC’s marketing database and allows the venue to easily provide customer support if needed.

TM1 Sales has also simplified new employee onboarding and eliminated the learning curve needed to use legacy ticketing systems. Actions that would require additional training, such as night of show offers, are now easy to pick up because of TM1 Sales user interface.

Using all of the data gathered by Presence and TM1 Sales at the box office, PNC will now use this data for smarter marketing campaigns to find, connect with and convert new season ticket holders.

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