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“Ticketmaster has given us the power to progress from minor targeting to specific and effective targeting. We can test not only various demographics & demo clusters, depending on the need, but we now have the ability to see EXACTLY who our model patron is – down to lifestyle. By using this tool, we save time and money while tailoring initiatives based on what we know to produce successful results.”

- Bethany Nesbitt, Associate Senior Marketing Director


For over forty years, the Kansas City Theater League has brought the best of Broadway to theaters across the United States. Operating eleven venues and serving more than 35,000 season members and 250,000 patrons each year, the Theater League is deeply familiar with their patrons. However, when the organization acquired a venue in an unknown market, Theater League needed to understand their new consumer base.

To reach their season member and ticket sales goals, the Theater League knew they needed more than run-of-the-mill demographic data. They needed powerful insights to get to the crux of how this new market operated and what made its audiences tick.


With a small staff and limited budget, Theater League sought the help of the Ticketmaster’s Data Analytics team to enhance demographic and behavioral data – empowering their marketing team like never before. With enhanced audience data points like past purchase history, propensity scores, income, and other factors, the Theater League gained a firm understanding of previously unknown prospects. 


Using the enriched patron data provided by Ticketmaster, the Theatre League was able to create segmented email campaigns that led to a 50% increase in click-through rate (CTR). Additionally, the cost per mailed brochure for the same campaign fell from $0.34 to $0.17. The data appends from Ticketmaster also helped improve the efficiency of Theater League’s small marketing team. With better patron insight, Theater League has been able to tailor their marketing in a way that simultaneously saves their budget while improving CTR.

Key Results

Increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Decrease in Campaign Spend
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