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“I’m so happy to have turned off print at home because we immediately saw fraud diminish. If a photoshopped or doctored ticket showed up we knew immediately it wasn’t real because we didn’t offer that. If you care about your patrons, I would suggest turning print at home off now!”

- Tory Contreras, Director of Sales and Patron Services


After a record-shattering debut on Broadway, Hamilton decided to take the show on the road with Broadway Across America (BAA). Their first stop was Seattle’s Paramount Theater. Because of the immense level of patron knowledge, STG faced three daunting challenges: managing a nearly unprecedented level of demand, proactively preventing fraud, and making sure that the tickets made it into the hands of Hamilton lovers instead of bots and bad actors.


Big challenges require big solutions, so STG pulled out all the stops for Hamilton. While STG had previously used Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan for limited pre-sales, this time they opted to do all of Hamilton’s public single ticket sales through Verified Fan. This meant that tickets were only available to Hamilton fans who registered in advance, which drastically cut down bot activity.

STG also limited the ticket supply to hard stock and mobile entry tickets, turning off the “Print At Home” option. This helped to protect patrons against the most common form of fraud — multiple copies or doctoring of PDF tickets. And by using Ticketmaster to manage all of the resale inventory, STG was able to provide their patrons with the peace-of-mind of knowing they purchased a verified ticket.


From start the finish, the new ticketing process was an unqualified success. Since phone sales were turned off and all individual sales were done through Verified Fan and the box office, STG was able to save valuable time and resources. Bot activity was reduced to practically zero. In addition, fraud decreased substantially. Typically, STG dealt with 10-20 fraudulent tickets per show. During Hamilton’s run, there were only 20 incidents during the entire six-week run. This meant a much smoother entry experience for patrons and lots of satisfied Hamilton fans.

Key Results

Reduction in Fraudulent Tickets
Detected Bot Activity During Verified Fan® Onsale
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