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“For us, the key to advancing our digital media strategy was to find somebody that not only knows the business and technology but is aligned with our goals and objectives. We found almost every media partner we work with does digital, but many were more interested in upselling us than to help us grow ticket sales. And in the end, we are in the people business, and working with people who not only get it, but treat you and value you as a partner is hugely important to us. Ticketmaster is completely aligned with our business and our success is their success. To me, that is a winning combination.”

- Andrew Huang, Director of Marketing


Located in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas, Smart Financial Centre (SFC) opened its doors in January 2017 with a roster of tremendous programming on tap — including back-to-back Jerry Seinfeld shows to open. Backed by a diverse lineup of popular programming, SFC’s marketing team needed to attract buyers and fill seats. More importantly, they needed to be as efficient and economical as possible. With the marketing world moving away from traditional media and toward digital media, SFC needed a digital marketing partner that could provide tangible results while utilizing tight marketing budgets.


In August 2017, SFC decided to partner with Ticketmaster’s Agency to boost their digital marketing presence and sell more tickets in their new venue. Although SFC previously had a good experience working with a local Houston agency, they were drawn to Ticketmaster because their marketing services were so closely tied to people’s ticket buying habits. Ticketmaster’s Agency collaborated closely with SFC’s marketing team to design campaigns that leveraged premium email, programmatic ad buying, and paid search. Depending on the act or event coming to the venue, SFC would consult with Ticketmaster’s Agency on the right data and media tools to utilize in order to engage with the specific audience they were trying to reach.


Over the past year, SFC has seen a tremendous Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) among all tools. For one, SFC has seen a ROAS of 15x since using premium email. Before working with Ticketmaster’s Agency, SFC’s marketing team would spend several hours a week combing through and segmenting data. Now, with Ticketmaster’s Agency’s premium email services, SFC can easily segment audiences in a variety of ways (e.g., by artist, by gender, etc.) and quickly deploy communications. As a result, SFC has been able to cost-effectively and efficiently reach a more engaged audience and increase ticket sales.


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