University of Louisville Case Study: Turning Quality Leads Into Quality Ticket Sales with Ticketmaster Agency Services

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“I truly would not have been able to execute the number of campaigns that we’ve been able to without Ticketmaster’s Agency Services… and the most exciting thing is that they have been able to provide such strong numbers for us. And thankfully they provide dashboards that make the tracking and the results very clear and visual -- which allows us to show the results to more and more people internally. ”

-Laura Clemente, Director of Digital Marketing


With a stadium expansion opening this fall, the University of Louisville knew they needed to find new quality leads and targets if they wanted to keep their stadium full for the 2018 football season. Feeling their well of leads had run dry, Louisville recognized that in order to find the audience that was most likely to convert, they needed to focus on reaching a larger, highly targeted audience. Given tight budgets and a short timeline, Louisville looked to a partner that could provide scale at an affordable rate.


In June 2018, Louisville decided to partner with Ticketmaster’s Agency to add meaningful quality leads to their database in support of their goal to sell season tickets and single game tickets for the 2018 football season.

Louisville took advantage of Ticketmaster’s Agency data analytics and digital marketing services. Utilizing data hygiene and fan score, Louisville was able to quickly tap into the vast Ticketmaster database and gain insight into groups within their market that they didn’t have access to previously. With this newly gained data, Louisville embarked on a two-pronged approach to sell tickets.

First, in order to drive awareness, they used Ticketmaster’s Agency programmatic and paid search services. Next, as part of the conversion phase, they took advantage of Ticketmaster’s Facebook Lead Generation services to gain and download quality leads for their ticket sellers to access and pursue.


Working with Ticketmaster’s Agency garnered tremendous results for Louisville. Louisville gained over 800 new quality leads that weren’t previously in their database.

Beyond growing their database, they have been able to foster personalized relationships with their fans and communicate more effectively about future season and single game ticket sales. Louisville has also been able to track exactly where their money was being spent and how effective it was in selling tickets, and has seen a high Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

The Agency’s ability to measure the campaign’s effectiveness and provide a dashboard with real-time, transparent results were quite appealing to the leadership at Louisville’s Athletics Department. After seeing the results of working with Ticketmaster’s Agency on football ticket sales, other teams at Louisville have decided to work with the Agency.  In the upcoming year, Louisville is planning to launch similar digital campaigns with men’s basketball and all of their Olympic sports.


Key Results

Generated in season ticket sales
New leads generated for season tickets using Paid Social
15x ROAS
For single game tickets using Paid Social

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