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Making Every Seat Count With Vet Tix

Veteran Ticket Foundation, also known as Vet Tix, goes above and beyond to honor military veterans, service members, first responders and their families. As one of the leading distribution partners for Ticketmaster, Vet Tix has impacted the lives of countless individuals. Eddie Rausch, ...

2023: Distributed Commerce Year in Review

2023 will be remembered for Barbie and the Stanley Cup, but Ticketmaster’s Distributed Commerce team is right up there in the ranks for its impact on the culture of live events. By connecting fans with the events they love through partnerships that open live event discovery beyond ...

2024 U.S. Tax Law Updates You Need to Know

Per the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) changed the reporting thresholds for e-commerce sales such that Ticketmaster is required to issue 1099-K forms to sellers who are subject to U.S. tax law and who earn more than $600 annually from sales on a ...

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