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The year 2023 will be remembered for Barbie and the Stanley Cup, but Ticketmaster’s Distributed Commerce team is right up there in the ranks for its impact on the culture of live events.

By connecting fans with the events they love through partnerships that open live event discovery beyond, our Distributed Commerce teams work every single day to bring the best solutions to our clients. In 2023, we saw: 

Expanding Beyond Borders

Through an increase in global partnerships and expansion into new markets, our Distributed Commerce team is holding strong to their commitment to reaching diverse, incremental audiences and fostering event reach at a global scale. 

Pack Your Bags

Fans are traveling further than ever before. In fact, 30% of fans polled said they’ve traveled over 100 miles for a recent event! Travel activity across consumers has increased and that’s why we’ve teamed up with 20+ online travel agencies (OTAs) worldwide to make real-time distribution management easier for event organizers, while connecting countless travelers to thousands of the latest concerts, attractions, games and events. Now fans who are traveling can easily discover local events to attend while on their trip! 

TikTok Passes the Vibe Check

POV: It’s the first year of Ticketmaster’s partnership with TikTok, and we’ve already cumulated over 2.5B video views with Ticketmaster links. This success is, in part, due to this partnership’s recent expansion into 20+ markets which supports over 75K artists, teams and events in reaching GenZ on the platform of their choice. Now if we could only get the dances down…

These highlights only scratch the surface on the impact Distributed Commerce has brought to fans, clients and partners in 2023. And as we reflect on last years triumphs, we look forward to 2024 and our ongoing mission of reshaping the future of ticketing distribution through our innovative partnerships.  

Curious to dive deeper? If you are a current client, check out the full 2023 Distributed Commerce in Review and learn more about how our Distributed Commerce partnerships provided solutions to meet fan and client’s needs in 2023. 

Not yet a client? Let’s work together! Learn more about our Distributed Commerce Partnerships or contact us to become a valued client.

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