Get Ready for Ticketmaster Promoted: your passport to native advertising directly on With consumers being 25% more likely to engage with native ads than traditional banners, integrating Promoted Ads into your marketing mix is key to reaching the right fans while they browse for events online1. Discover how you will be able to use Promoted to drive incremental ticket sales in new ways across the world’s largest live event marketplace.

Marketing Made Easy 

As a building block towards the next-generation TM1 Marketing experience, clients will have access to purchase media on directly in TM1. Activating Promoted in TM1 makes launching a campaign a breeze, taking just minutes instead of several business days. 

Promoted also stands out for its simplicity — lifting creative assets and details directly from the event, an incredible benefit in today’s dynamic digital marketing landscape! Plus, there are no minimum campaign budget requirements or monthly subscription costs incurred for using the tool, giving you flexibility on how and when you spend your campaign dollars. 

Control Your Sales Growth

Amplify your event’s visibility and boost ticket sales via real-time bidding in a custom, private marketplace. Operating on a cost-per-click basis, you only pay for fans who have shown genuine interest by engaging with your event information, driving more qualified traffic to your event page. Additional marketing assets and buying options for Promoted will be rolled out in the post-launch.

Promoted provides budget recommendations based on various factors, including remaining ticket inventory, ticket revenue potential and historical aggregated ad metrics from similar events. And, as a part of our full suite of digital marketing services, Promoted targets low-funnel buyers by placing your native ads right in front of high-intent fans, complementing your other paid media tactics. 

Streamline Campaign Insights

Knowledge is power — and Promoted packs you with it. This comprehensive marketing platform features intuitive dashboards for real-time campaign performance analysis, letting you dive deeper into your campaign performance and trends. Additionally, Promoted takes the reins and optimizes your campaign’s performance automatically during the campaign flight so you don’t have to.

Beta Client Participants Are Having Great Success!

Two Broadway musicals used Promoted to capture fan attention and boost ticket sales during the all-important summer travel season. The result? A remarkable 4.7x Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) with over $190,000 in incremental ticket revenue.

This early release of Promoted in January 2024 is just the first step towards unlocking the next generation of performance marketing tools for live entertainment marketers — we have plenty in store for Promoted in 2024! Beyond new features such as access to Spotlight and Banner Ads on, Promoted’s media offerings will extend to other high-performance areas such as our live event influencer network. Outside of Promoted, we’re excited to continue growing the future of TM1 Marketing through new channels like SMS and Paid Social.

Get ready to leverage the power of Promoted in the year ahead!

Interested in early Beta access for Ticketmaster Promoted? Please e-mail [email protected].

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