Empowering independent music venues

Clubs in our blood

Ticketmaster has been powering independent venues since 1995 so we know that clubs are the bedrock of live music. That’s why we’re committed to working with venues to provide the tools and support that can empower these iconic rooms.

Built for independence

Ticketmaster Clubs offer completely DIY ticketing platforms designed to empower independent music venues. Take complete control of event creation, marketing, reporting, venue entry and show settlement.

Built to sell out shows

List your shows on Ticketmaster – the biggest live music site in the world.

Plus, through our unrivalled global partnership network, we put your events in front of fans on the world’s biggest streaming platforms, listing sites, and social networks. Work with us and we’ll automatically unlock over 1000 partners on the program with a collective reach of over 1 billion monthly users.

Built for new music

The independent music venues we work with are the breeding ground for emerging artists. That means new music is in our blood too.

We introduce thousands of fans to the amazing new artists playing your venue with exclusive profiles, interviews, galleries and more.

Join the club

We work directly with iconic venues across North America and beyond.