As a Ticketmaster client, you are empowered to promote your events to the largest ticket buying audience in the world through unique and innovative marketing solutions.

Our marketing capabilities support your business through the event-ticketing lifecycle, from learning more about your current audience to tips on how to grow it.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is a powerful tool that Ticketmaster’s Client Marketing team leverages to streamline advertisement content. DCO automatically keeps ads up-to-date and relevant, providing an ideal solution for any marketing team, whether they are promoting a single event or an entire schedule.

Unique Creative Solutions to Make Your Events Stand Out

DCO provides Ticketmaster clients with a variety of templated, creative advertising options that are displayed as banner ads across the internet. These ads show dynamic content based on website browsing behavior, such as pages visited or tickets added to a cart, and can be with video or as an animation.

Case Study: Casino Rama Resort

Casino Rama Resort is a premier entertainment destination in Rama, Ontario, that offers a variety of entertainment options, including a 5,000-seat venue for live events. The venue hosts various events throughout the year — from country concerts to comedy, rock, pop, production shows and more — leveraging Ticketmaster’s marketing capabilities for innovative ways to promote and sell tickets.

In an effort to strategize for their 2024 event schedule, Casino Rama Resort partnered with Ticketmaster to maximize its DCO and develop a strategy to draw more attention to its full season of events.

Challenge: Shifting Perspective

Previously, Casino Rama Resort primarily utilized digital media campaigns through Ticketmaster Marketing, typically launched at the last minute and aimed at specific audiences to boost ticket sales towards the end of the sales cycle.

Additionally, Casino Rama Resort’s creative team was spending a significant amount of time producing multiple versions of advertisements to promote upcoming events.

Recognizing the need for a more robust strategy, Casino Rama Resort consulted with their Ticketmaster Client Marketing representatives to develop a solution to reach a wider audience, build more profound insights and increase efficiency from announce through the full sales cycle.

Solution: A Unified Campaign

The strategy began with a simple idea: create a unified season-long campaign for the venue using DCO rather than promote individual shows at the last minute.

Implementing this approach yielded several benefits instantly.

DCO offers clients a large list of templates to choose from, ensuring variety and customization to meet their advertising needs. For example, using Carousel Templates allows a venue to generate more interest by showcasing multiple events scheduled in the upcoming weeks that prospective ticket buyers may have otherwise overlooked.

With a rotating carousel of events, a fan can quickly preview several upcoming shows at Casino Rama Resort and gain increased awareness of the venue’s schedule rather than being served a static ad for a single event.

For creative teams, DCO saves time and resources. Clients only need to create one variation of an ad. Once the creative assets are provided, the technology will determine what artists or teams, opponent logos (if necessary), venue name, date, time and even sponsorship logos to display based on event details. If an event date or time is changed, the creative will automatically update. Clients can also add or remove images as well as remove specific events from a carousel without having to create a new version of the ad.

Unlike static display ads, DCO can utilize animation, which is much better at catching a user’s attention and typically leads to greater engagement. The targeting capabilities also allow for a more personalized experience. Prospective ticket buyers will be shown the next available event at a venue, the event they last viewed or tickets left in the cart at checkout.

Examples of Ticketmaster clients using the Cart Abandoner template for sporting events. Clients frequently see a significant improvement in return on ad spend when implementing DCO for Cart Abandoner ads.


3x Return on Ad Spend

In the early stages of implementing this strategy and campaign, Casino Rama Resort has seen impressive results producing a 3x return on ad spend.

Lowered CPM

The new strategy also lowered the average CPM which has resulted in more impressions and a greater reach. With the attraction of Casino Rama Resort’s biggest events, the less popular events are receiving exposure within the same creative advertisement, resulting in a better use of marketing spend.

Optimized Marketing Plan for the Future

With more data available, Casino Rama Resort and Ticketmaster can work together to optimize their strategy and influence decision-making based on previous insights. For example, lowering the percentage of the advertising budget during months with fewer events and increasing the percentage during busier months.

Elevate Your Event Marketing With Ticketmaster

At Ticketmaster, our primary goal is to ensure success for our clients. We are committed to providing our clients with the tools and resources to engage audiences effectively. Our representatives work closely with you to develop strategies, take action and achieve your business objectives.

DCO is one of the many ways to boost your marketing efforts and connect with the largest ticket buying audience in the world. If you’re an existing client and want to explore Ticketmaster’s marketing capabilities, please get in touch with your Ticketmaster representative.

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