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Key Takeaways:

  1. The Executive team can use the ‘Summary’ report to view how an event performs compared to its previous event.
  2. The House Manager can use the ‘Attendance’ report to understand when the majority of fans are there and determine when the event can start.
  3. See how many tickets have been scanned at the venue vs. the number of tickets distributed. In addition, it allows you to understand which entrance fans are entering through to help with flow.

As your ticketing partner, we’re right there with you, connecting fans with the electricity of entertainment. The good news: fans are still eager for live entertainment, despite a volatile market. And with the right marketing strategy, you can do the best for your events too – all year round.

Here are our tips for event marketing success in 2023:

Understand Your Fans

One-size marketing does not fit all. Get a better view of your fan — their interests, behaviors and more — to better align your creative and messaging for campaigns that resonate with your target audience, driving more ticket sales and revenue. Consider aligning your campaign flighting with targeted purchase timing behavior profiles as you get more advanced.

What you can do:

  • Third-party CRM software and tools like Google Analytics can give high-level insights and help organize your database.
  • TM1 Reports provides a wealth of transactional details to uncover new insights, like when and where your fans buy.
  • LiveAnalytics simplifies your analysis with custom-built reports that give you clear visuals and deeper insights into the who behind the fan.

Broward Center for Performing Arts leveraged LiveAnalytics’ Attraction Scores to uncover fans in their own database with a high likelihood to purchase for an upcoming event. By going beyond genre affinity, Broward successfully deployed a highly targeted email campaign that surpassed expectations.

Be Where Your Fans Are

Effective targeting can move fans further down the conversion funnel. Engage with your fans year-round to get organic demand signals that you can use alongside the fan profiles you’ve built to create a channel strategy that promotes relevant events to highly-interested fans with minimal effort and maximum results.

What you can do:

  • Ad platforms like Facebook and Google can help build audiences for their specific digital marketing channels.
  • TM1’s Audiences feature leverages our industry-leading insights to help you target your fans based on event affinity and other user-defined attributes.

The University of Kentucky partnered with Ticketmaster’s Premium Marketing team to leverage smarter targeting of fans to generate a database of leads for season tickets and mini-packs for their 2022 Football Season.

The list of leads generated by this campaign was robust, with a record number of leads. These allowed us to reach fans who took time and exhibited interest. We connected with thousands of potential customers who were thinking about our products and reached them each within 24 hours of their expression of interest. These leads tend to be more successful than single-game buyers who bought or attended games months ago.”

Ben Boaz

Vice President & General Manager Ticket Sales & Service, University of Kentucky & Taymar Sales U.

Optimize to Convert

Keep the momentum going! Even after the initial onsale spike, you should continue refining your campaigns through A/B testing. By asking questions, validating with real-time reporting and optimizing accordingly, you can ensure that each campaign is primed to convert fans with the best message at the best time.

What you can do:

  • Test and learn – no matter what you’re marketing through.
  • Leverage subject line testing in the TM1 Engagement email marketing platform to ensure your emails are optimized for maximum fan engagement.
  • Take the guesswork out by working with a Ticketmaster Marketing Specialist. Our industry experts apply these best practices to develop and execute custom campaigns that deliver results specific to your goals.

The results delivered by Ticketmaster enabled video to be one of the most frequently shown advertisements for the show. Moreover, the A/B test provided learnings we have been able to apply in subsequent campaigns.”

Miray Dilki

Marketing Specialist, Jolly Joker Arena, Istanbul, Türkiye

Jolly Joker Arena partnered with Ticketmaster’s Premium Marketing team to put static vs. video assets to the test on social media in the lead-up to the Simge concert. Not only did video get more love from the audience, but it also brought in more ticket sales and learnings for Jolly Joker’s future campaigns.

Remember: marketing, like your events, is cyclical. As your campaigns drive more conversions, the view of your fans becomes clearer, informing better targeting decisions for increased sales. And pretty soon, you’re sold out!

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