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Key Takeaways

  1. New Ignite platform empowers Ticketmaster clients to customize their mobile app to natively support fans’ ticketing experience.
  2. Ease of use is built in through pre-built features that clients select and flexible options to customize solutions.
  3. Ignite is a fan-first mobile solution, allowing in-app purchasing and other gameday offers all in one place.

In today’s mobile-driven world, it’s more important than ever to offer fans everything they need in a single place that’s easy to navigate. That’s why we are launching Ignite™ – a platform that empowers our partners to easily customize their mobile app to natively support their fans’ ticketing experience. From how a fan discovers upcoming events and purchases their tickets, to scanning in and beyond, their favorite team app is the only app they need for gameday.

The Ignite platform works by giving teams, artists, and venues the ability to build on Ticketmaster’s technology while also having the freedom to tailor the fan experience from start to finish. Ignite uses an easily integrated software development kit (SDK) that partners can use to enable a number of pre-built features as well as the industry’s most flexible option to build custom solutions that meet the unique needs of their fans exactly as they envision them. 

How It Works

Major League Soccer team D.C. United is our first partner to debut an enhanced fan app powered by Ignite. Their updated app now allows fans to search for, and purchase, D.C. United tickets directly within their app – a service unmatched by other ticketing partners. D.C. United was also able to design the app with their team logo and brand colors to effortlessly align it with their brand identity that fans know and love. The team and Ticketmaster are working alongside developer Yinzcam, a longstanding member of Ticketmaster’s Nexus Partner Network, which has always been focused on being a first-mover alongside Ticketmaster. With Yinzcam, the team built custom modules that help fans view the team schedule, other upcoming events at the venue, and shop D.C. United merchandise. D.C United also incorporated several pre-built features that make it easier to deliver tickets directly into fans’ mobile wallets, get directions to the venue and purchase seat upgrades. 

When DC United fans are looking to attend an upcoming game, they can log into the app, search for D.C. United games or other special events at their home stadium Audi Field, view interactive seat maps, and purchase tickets with secure checkout. After purchasing, tickets are automatically saved to their phones, so fans don’t have to worry about cell service or wifi as they scan into their events. On game day, fans can tap and go to enter the stadium with their ticket’s rotating barcode, and if they would like to opt for a last-minute seat upgrade, they can easily scroll down to the module in their app. 

Whether it’s selling their tickets at the last minute or upgrading their seats before the game, D.C. United fans will know that the app has everything they need as a one-stop shop for their fan journey. 

Endless Possibilities

And D.C. United represents just one example of what’s possible. The Ignite platform is the only ticketing service designed to help partners who serve fans across a family of local teams and/or venues who host events across, sports, music and performance. The Ignite platform will allow them to use a single Ticketmaster login to unite their fans regardless of which combination of events they enjoy.

By integrating this Ticketmaster technology within their own applications, Ignite is designed to help our partners best serve their fans, while also unlocking opportunities to drive revenue. This fan-first mobile solution will allow them to bring their branded app experience to sports, music, and live entertainment lovers around the globe. Ignite will be rolled out across North America by Q3 2023, with the EMEA and APAC regions to follow in Q4 and Q1 2024. 

What Ignite can help deliver to fans:

  • Directions
  • Mobile Ordering
  • Additional Ticketing Actions
  • Venue Vouchers
  • Food & Beverages
  • Next Events
  • Sponsorships
  • Parking and Rideshare 
  • Commemorative Ticketing
  • Meet & Greet

Get started on customizing your fan experience with Ignite here.

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