Key Takeaways

  1. WWE trusts Ticketmaster to ensure its global fanbase has an exceptional experience from the moment they purchase a ticket through event day.
  2. As an industry leader, WWE continually strives to set the standard for live events while embracing Ticketmaster’s innovative products and services.
  3. Leveraging Ticketmaster’s marketing services, WWE ensures as many fans as possible visit the Event Detail Page on Ticketmaster.com.

WWE is a global leader in sports entertainment, producing original content 52 weeks a year for a worldwide audience. The company hosts the biggest events in professional wrestling, selling out stadiums, arenas and venues across the country. Hosting record-breaking events like WrestleMania or SummerSlam involves months of strategizing and planning to ensure unparalleled success.

To connect with its global audience, WWE is constantly seeking innovation and embraces new opportunities to elevate its events. WWE trusts Ticketmaster to ensure its global fanbase has an exceptional experience from the moment they purchase a ticket through event day. With a meticulous approach to planning, WWE and Ticketmaster work closely to plan and deliver events fans will enjoy.

Sparking Fan Excitement 

For any live event, it’s crucial to provide fans with clear instructions on successfully purchasing and securing tickets during the presale period. WrestleMania, one of WWE’s most anticipated events, sparks excitement among fans who are eager to attend.

WWE partnered with Ticketmaster’s Client Marketing team to run a targeted email campaign for WrestleMania 40 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The campaign capitalized on Ticketmaster’s market-leading database and consumer insights to focus on fans who enjoy similar events and live within a certain distance from the venue. The personalized emails included a unique access code for the presale and were designed to capture fans’ attention while driving ticket sales.

WrestleMania 40’s presale email notification encourages fans to buy tickets with the promo code ‘MANIA’.

Maximizing Momentum With Marketing

WWE is constantly looking to connect with their fans in new and effective ways.

By utilizing Ticketmaster’s managed services, WWE amplifies its reach across various channels, including social media platforms, search engine marketing and programmatic advertisements such as Google Ads. The marketing campaigns aim to ensure that as many fans as possible are directed to WWE’s Event Detail Page on Ticketmaster.com.

For Wrestlemania 40, this comprehensive approach involved utilizing several audience attributes from Ticketmaster’s vast ticketing data allowing WWE to target known fans and reach new ones via predictive modeling.


With more than 100 million subscribers and 81 billion lifetime views, WWE is the largest sports channel on YouTube and No. 10 overall. Using the data available from Ticketmaster, this becomes a key audience that WWE can leverage to drive ticket sales. After fans view content on WWE’s channel, they are served programmatic advertisements of WWE’s upcoming events. For WrestleMania 40, targeting this audience alone resulted in a return on ad spend of nearly 6x.

Affinity Audiences

Fans have diverse preferences when it comes to live events, and Ticketmaster uses affinity audiences to connect the dots. These audiences consist of groups of people who buy tickets to one event and, based on the data available, are likely to consider another. By targeting these audiences with the highest affinity through search engine marketing, WWE can efficiently fill the venue for its events.

Examples of WWE’s marketing campaign for WrestleMania 40, directing fans to purchase tickets on Ticketmaster.com.

Leveraging Ticketmaster’s Tools and Reach

WWE’s long-term success is a result of the company’s commitment to embracing new ideas and adopting the latest tools and technology.

Event Creation & Management

TM1 is a suite of tools and services offered by Ticketmaster to help clients create events, manage inventory and analyze sales and marketing data for every stage of the event-ticketing lifecycle. For WWE, strategically leveraging these tools and services is critical to generating sales and maximizing revenue for its events.

TM1 Events allows WWE to easily create, manage and publish events in minutes. For a touring property like WWE, event templates save time and reduce errors by storing commonly used venue configurations for future use across their events at different venues around the country. With TM1 Events, event creation and management is efficient and simplified allowing WWE to do more in less time.

A Marketplace Where Fans Look First

Ticketmaster.com receives over 1 billion visits per year in the U.S. and research shows that fans identify Ticketmaster as the first place they look for tickets. Ticketmaster keeps these fans engaged through automated marketing messages based on interest or retargeting efforts based on activity.

WrestleMania 40 has three event listings on Ticketmaster.com: the Saturday event, the Sunday event and a WrestleMania 2-day Combo. A month before the event, these pages saw 70% of traffic come from a direct Ticketmaster.com visit (28%) or Ticketmaster’s automated marketing efforts (42%).

Always-On Support

A key aspect of WWE’s successful partnership with Ticketmaster is constant and clear communication.

Matt Ostrow, Manager of Client Marketing at Ticketmaster, meets with WWE regularly to keep the team up-to-date on enhancements and best practices for Ticketmaster’s products. The ongoing discussions focus on how WWE can effectively leverage Ticketmaster’s Marketing Solutions to drive results.

WWE embraces innovation and is always open to exploring new opportunities. This is evident in their utilization of new paid media channels such as TikTok and Ticketmaster Promoted. While working together, we have improved every year and effectively utilized Ticketmaster’s marketing solutions to sell tickets to their events.”

Matt Ostrow

Manager, Client Marketing, Ticketmaster

Dependability and Trust Fuel Successful Partnership

From the box office to the ring, WWE is pushing the industry to new heights. Ticketmaster is proud to provide our partner with reliable products and services to ensure WWE is prepared to execute world-class events.

Through a partnership built on collaboration, WWE trusts Ticketmaster to provide exceptional experiences to its global fanbase and exceed expectations for its business.Let’s work together! Contact us to become a valued client.

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