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With the college football season fast approaching and fan excitement reaching new heights, leading NCAA teams sought a partner to help give their fans, students and alumni the game day experience they deserve.

At Ticketmaster, we’re focused on delivering the best possible experience for every fan. We know college sports fans — especially Gen Z and Millennials — want intuitive, innovative and accessible ticketing solutions. That’s why we partnered with Seasonshare, whose best-in-class suite of technology allows teams and venues to align their ticketing programs with the next generation of fans. 

As a valued member of our Nexus Partner Program, our partnership with Seasonshare extends the power of Ticketmaster through an integration that enables venues to launch fan and alumni programs that leverage unsold inventory and create a frictionless ticketing experience for students. Seasonshare has revolutionized the way fans attend live events, making it more convenient, affordable and engaging than ever before.

Discover below how NCAA teams are using Seasonshare’s innovative Pass and Flow products to power student and fan ticketing programs: 

Creating Memorable & Everlasting Experiences for the Florida Gators

There’s nothing better than creating memories with friends at a live event. The Florida Gators partnered with Seasonshare to allow students the freedom to create custom ticket groups with their friends and classmates. Seasonshare’s innovative ‘Pass’ product allows the university’s box office to determine where fans and students are seated on a week-by-week basis during the season based on available inventory. This innovative solution empowers venue operators to leverage unsold inventory while delivering a tech-enabled ticketing experience for Gen Z and Millennial fans. The partnership between the Florida Gators, Ticketmaster and Seasonshare provides a powerful example of how new technology can be utilized to create an improved game day experience for both students and fans. 

In 2020 we lost a long-time partner that handled our Student Ticketing and Fan Pass programs, both of which are critical elements of our ticket revenue and game day experience. Seasonshare has allowed us to relaunch these programs without missing a beat while helping us improve our process to better serve Gator fans. We work together with their team to ensure their products fit our program, and I am confident that the execution of our Student Ticketing and Fan Pass programs are best in class.”

Mike Castle

Associate Athletic Director Ticket Office, University of Florida

Ohio State Buckeyes Enjoy a Seamless & Convenient Ticketing Experience With Pass

screenshot of seasonshare pass product on iowa state iPhone

Our partnership with Seasonshare enabled us to simplify the ticketing process for NCAA teams such as the Ohio State Buckeyes. By integrating with Seasonshare’s Pass product, the Buckeyes gained complete control over inventory and ticket delivery for both fan and student programs. As a result, the school used fewer resources while delivering more than a half million tickets since 2021. In addition, Seasonshare’s technology allowed students to create and manage ticket group seating for Buckeyes students at two major bowl games. This open platform solution provides Gen Z and Millennial college sports fans with a seamless and convenient way to access their tickets, sit with their friends and manage their game day experience.

Our partnership with Seasonshare provides key elements in our approach to mobile ticketing for football and men’s basketball.  In leveraging their technologies to allow our students to create/join seating groups on their own, we’ve been able to create operational efficiencies as well as providing our student body user-friendly experience to manage their own group seating requests.  The FanPass product also allows us to be more nimble in our approach to multi-game offers that appeal to fans not interested in traditional season ticket packages, which provide us opportunities to maximize revenue and more efficiently manage inventory for both football and men’s basketball games.

Kate Nushart

Assistant Athletics Director, Ticketing, The Ohio State University

How the Oregon Ducks Utilized the Flow App to Offer Fans Engaging Ticketing Options

screenshot of seasonshare pass product on university of Oregon state iPhone

At the University of Oregon, Seasonshare’s ‘Flow’ product is integrated directly into the Ducks’ mobile app, giving students a dynamic experience with versatile options ranging from student ticket claim and guest ticketing across all varsity sports programs. The Oregon Ducks leveraged the full potential of Flow – providing fans with the customized and user-friendly experiences they deserve. Seasonshare is truly changing the game and allowing Athletic Directors to make student ticketing more accessible and seamless than ever before.

Together, we’re revolutionizing the way fans purchase, and we’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the ticketing industry. To learn more about how our Nexus partnerships can drive flexible solutions for your business, please contact us by completing this form.

About Seasonshare

Seasonshare makes the thrill of live entertainment more accessible to younger fans through ticketing technology that aligns teams and venues with the next generation of sports consumers. Our subscription (Pass), last-minute (Flow), and credit-based (Flex) ticketing solutions solve the most immediate problems in live event attendance – for teams, getting young fans off the couch and into the venue, and for fans, creating personalized, flexible ticketing options.  

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