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Each year, Peach Bowl, Inc. draws national attention to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, hosting some of the biggest college football matchups of the season. Months of planning go into these large-scale events to ensure a seamless experience for fans on game day. 

Mike Gilbert, Director of Ticketing for Peach Bowl, Inc., shares insights on how Ticketmaster’s tools, support and partnerships have helped propel the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl and Aflac Kickoff Game to success, establishing Peach Bowl, Inc. as a leading host for college football neutral site games. 

A Long-Standing Partnership Rooted in Success

In 2010, Peach Bowl, Inc. decided to switch to Ticketmaster as their ticketing provider. The purpose of this strategic decision was to improve their management and oversight of the sales funnel, as well as to enhance the end-to-end ticketing experience. Gilbert, who was part of the staff at that time, emphasized the significance of the move in terms of personalizing and streamlining subscriptions, packages and fan engagements.

From wholesales to renewals, everything became easier when we switched. This enhanced management of the process was why we wanted to go with Ticketmaster.

Mike Gilbert

Director of Ticketing, Peach Bowl, Inc.

Leveling Up With Digital Tickets

Peach Bowl, Inc. was impressed by Ticketmaster’s modern and future-focused approach to ticketing. When their Ticketmaster representative suggested the adoption of digital ticketing for the College Football Playoff Semifinal game in 2019, the Peach Bowl, Inc. team quickly agreed. 

With a turnaround of two months until game day, the project required everyone’s help, and Ticketmaster provided templates and streamlined processes on the backend in order to facilitate a seamless transition. “When we got to game day, there were no issues … We couldn’t have done it without the dedicated support from Ticketmaster,” said Gilbert.

Gilbert had witnessed firsthand the amount of fraud associated with paper tickets, which made it clear that switching to digital was necessary. Ticketmaster’s SafeTix technology tackles fraudulent tickets, giving fans the confidence that their tickets are safe and authentic. Gilbert believes that by getting out in front of the industry-wide switch to digital, Ticketmaster helped solidify Peach Bowl, Inc. as a leader in the college football space.

Always-On Support — Every Day of the Year

According to Gilbert, Ticketmaster’s exceptional service eliminates any concern of being overlooked as a “one-off” event. Ticketmaster’s support extends beyond just ticketing solutions, with dedicated Customer Support Specialists that offer both remote and onsite assistance for every Peach Bowl, Inc. game. 

Ticketmaster strives to provide the same level of support for all clients irrespective of the size or scope of the event. Whether it’s a bowl, college or pro team, Ticketmaster ensures that all clients feel heard and supported.

I think Ticketmaster does a great job of listening to everybody’s feedback and trying to make the best system possible for you. They do a great job of making us feel welcome and like part of the family. They always treat me with the same respect as clients who have more events than us.

Mike Gilbert

Director of Ticketing, Peach Bowl, Inc.

Tools for Maximum Engagement

A large-scale event like the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl or Aflac Kickoff Game also demands a robust email marketing strategy to engage fans and boost sales. As a Ticketmaster client, Peach Bowl, Inc. has access to industry-leading tools like TM1 Engagement, an email marketing platform which offers event-based segmentation, data-driven insights and a library of automations. Leveraging the templates and segmentation tools available, TM1 Engagement helps streamline all Peach Bowl, Inc. email communications — from renewals to important game week information.

We use TM1 Engagement to communicate with our fans for really anything that we’ve got going on. It’s been great for us. Anything that’s an email offer to our database, we create an engagement and send it out.

Mike Gilbert

Director of Ticketing, Peach Bowl, Inc.

Examples of Peach Bowl, Inc. leveraging the power of TM1 Engagement to communicate with fans.

Leveraging an Extensive Partner Network

Through Ticketmaster’s Nexus Partner Program, Peach Bowl, Inc. has access to over 95 certified technology partners, including FEVO, an innovative social e-commerce platform that facilitates group ticket sales and discounts.

Peach Bowl, Inc. collaborates with FEVO by leveraging the platform’s seamless integration with Ticketmaster.

Through this integration, Peach Bowl, Inc. has utilized FEVO to track and manage a paid waiting list for the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, an initiative that raises funds for their Childhood Cancer Research Foundation. FEVO also powers entry to general admission events hosted by Peach Bowl, Inc. at the facilities surrounding Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Elevating the Standards Through an Innovative Mindset

By embracing innovation, prioritizing the fan experience and fostering strategic collaborations, Peach Bowl, Inc. has elevated the standards for college football excellence. After thirteen years of collaboration, Gilbert believes that working with Ticketmaster empowers Peach Bowl, Inc. to make bold decisions and stay ahead of the curve, solidifying their position as a leading host for college football’s biggest games.

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