Welcome to the world of color-coded tickets, exclusively designed for SafeTix. With 12 colors to choose from, these tickets are designed to improve wayfinding — giving fans a faster and easier entry experience. Get ready to transform the way you host events with our new innovative feature, which is actively rolling out to venues across the globe.

Get Fans Into Your Venue Faster

Ticket Coloring benefits both attendees and organizers by assigning specific ticket colors to sections. You can efficiently guide fans to their designated areas, minimizing wait times and ensuring a seamless guest flow. 

Complementary to its entry efficiency, your fans will have more time to engage in the venue. With more time onsite, fans can explore food and beverage experiences and merchandise onsite before the big event.

Training Made Easy

With color-coded ticketing, you can implement and streamline the entry process for staff and establish a standardized approach throughout the space. Teams can easily identify colors and follow entry rules accordingly. Built for Safetix, this enhancement integrates wherever fans are ready to access their tickets – including Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, mobile web and more. 

“…The colored tickets were a HUGE hit. One of our supervisors literally said they were ‘the bomb’. No issues at all, only increases in the speed of our ushers and quality of our customer service.”

Assistant General Manager, Red Hat Amphitheater, Live Nation.

Program Right from TM1

To successfully assign sections to colors using the color-coded ticketing feature in TM1, simply follow these steps:

  1. On the TM1 Entry venue-level Events page, click Ticket Customization.
  2. Choose to assign a section to in-venue or parking.
  3. Click Assign Sections for a color. If sections are already assigned to that color, click Edit.
  4. Enter in sections. Each section must begin on a new line. Click Review.
  5. Confirm the assigned sections and click Save.
  6. Sections will appear in the section column.

Remember, you must have SafeTix enabled with proper permissions to take advantage of Ticket Coloring. Please reach out to your Ticketmaster Representative to learn more about your specific timing for Ticket Coloring and permission adjustments.

Even more exciting enhancements are on the horizon, including Ticket Coloring by ticket type, editable terms and conditions, and sponsorships with custom marketing campaigns.

Contact us today to learn more about how Ticket Coloring can transform your venue.